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How to make a party cheerful if invited are not familiar with each other?

Among participants of the youth organization AIESEC exist such concept as Communication Games - games which promote acquaintance of a large number of people among themselves. But even if in your company someone knows each other long ago, all these games will seem amusing and will brighten up your communication, fun and dances.

So, people gathered, but all feel is held down and dispersed on corners. It is a high time to rise in the middle of the room now and to cry:

Not to laugh!

Of course, you slightly will frighten guests, but it will pass right after game begins! Put players on hunkers in a circle: the guy - the girl - the guy. You already warned all that it is impossible to laugh (to the leader it is possible). Leader solemnly takes the right neighbor (neigbour) for an ear. All others around have to make the same. When the circle became isolated, the conducting beret of the neighbor on the right for a cheek (a nose, a knee...), and so on. The circle is left by those who laughed. Remained wins! Now the winner will be the leader of the following game.

" Colours;.

Players become in a circle. The leader orders: Concern yellow, time, two, three! Players as soon as possible try to undertake a thing of yellow color of other participants in a circle. (It is possible to call also a subject or part of a body...) Who was not in time - leaves game. The leader repeats team again, but with new color (subject). The player who remained the last wins.

And to talk? After all not only moved, but also pokasatsya by each other, it is possible passes to Public Speaking Games. Games were thought up not only for entertainments, but also for team building, formation of team.

Zakssar toroboan .

Try to compose the story on the contrary, that is, since the end. For example, the first participant of game speaks: Here and the fairy tale the end and who listened - the good fellow . Following it: At last, they got married and lived together long and happily . Further in the same way.

Life - theater... and people who? From the company couples are caused by

. They are given a task to represent small sketches:

first appointment;

at the dentist;

in the evening in a gate;

on the beach;

display of models;

rescue of drowning;

a lesson at school.

Me has somehow the luck to play the following game in the train. Believe, the car never heard so much fun yet, and 12 - the hour way was repeatedly reduced in a magic way. Game is called

Contact .

the Leader thinks of the word and tells all the first letter. Then players think out any word from this letter and ask the question beginning with the words And it not... such description of the thought-up word that one of players guessed at least follows further and the leader because he, having picked up logically right answer to the asked question, says " did not guess; No, it not... . And if someone from players understood what the colleague asks it about, he shouts: Contact! - and further players count up as chorus to three and pronounce at the same time this word. If they said same, then the leader tells one more letter, otherwise game continues with former quantity of the opened letters. After the word " is pronounced; Contact! the leader cannot tell anything, he needs only to hope that players will call at the same time different words.

For example. The leader thinks of the word hood . He speaks: First letter K . The first player says: It not a sacred animal in India? The Leader in thoughtfulness. And here reaches the second player that the first player, perhaps, means cow . He shouts: Contact! Then they chorus with the first player, looking at each other, consider: Time, two, three - and further, instead of four say: Cow . As they pronounced the same word, the leader speaks: Second letter A . If contact words appeared different, game continues further only with the letter To . All proceeds shumny more hazardously.

You can be sure that the holiday will take place also cheerfully, and invited will become more, than acquaintances. And for the following holiday it will be necessary to write other article - about how cheerfully bothered to hold a party where all know each other and for a long time each other.