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What to do if run it is impossible ? We Will assume

, to you - or if you consider yourself too solid for such occupations then, for example, to your child, - it is necessary to pass quickly test on run. It is necessary to hand over that - but here it is impossible in any way. In any way. Without looking on any trainings! What to do?.

And there is for such cases one confidential training reception. Certainly, for people, in such affairs skilled, any secret here not. Everything is simple. But here for those to whom it is necessary only to pass test, this welcome can really be accorded terrible secret - such magic secret behind seven seals. Let`s reveal her?

I revealed this secret for myself many years ago: 18 or 19 - I do not remember The matter is that from school I had problems with track and field athletics. Run, and all did not turn out here. Strangely enough, on skis took any examination without any special efforts, and even ran according to some adult category, serious for the school student. And here run At school I did not attach it great value, but then delivery of army standards for run on average distances was required. At the end of summer! Well, no, that in the winter! No - in the summer!

I began to run more. Without special progress puffed at trainings, measuring the poor legs useless kilometers. Not went . And somehow shared the trouble with the friend Oleg - the first-rank sportsman on boxing.

- So Give, run about! - joyfully he offered.

Ran about. It, knowing that on skis I overtake it almost on foot at first did not believe in mine running insolvency . It was convinced...

- You here that, - he told after some thought. - You not on endurance, and at the trainings were engaged in high-speed running preparation?

-??? - it was my mute answer.

- And! Well, then it is clear! Means, from tomorrow you do so. You run easy speed, slowly, slowly you are afraid on the route. Then you do sharp breakthrough of meters approximately on hundred, and again quietly you are afraid, you have a rest. Through everyone meters you repeat two hundred everything. Do not run much, to start three - four kilometers will be enough for you. Got that?

- Understood what not to understand And will help?

- we Will see! But has to work! I tell it to you!.

Absolutely in all this it was not trusted: I began to be tired much less at trainings and it seemed that no return will exist But helped! There is enough - quietly handed over the problem offset on run. It was necessary, of course, to refuse so where without it. Moreover, from the beginning of a winter season I applied this confidential tactics at the ski trainings. Also went much quicker. And then as broke through, results that is called poperl and I was even invited in ours locally - the army national team on skis.

Certainly, not everything was so simple. For example, before absolutely poperlo very strongly I was helped the remarkable councils and friendly support of more skilled companion and by other my friend - Igor from Nizhny Tagil. By the way, already I do not remember why, but we called him a lemming - a northern hamster . Or just Gosha. To service Igor ran for the youthful national team of the Olympic reserve of an alternating cast. I do not know what is assembly such and whose it was, but Gosha really abruptly ran. Was also a skilled sports fighter! Now here language does not turn to call it lemming . Gy! Cheerful there was time!.

But I distracted! Generally, here such is available in a sports arsenal confidential training reception. Use, dear readers, - it is not a pity! You know that the patience and work - everything will grind! Do not despond before failures. Also remember that the friendship is a great cause! Protect the friends! Good luck to you!