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How to play knives?

Were time when games with a perochinny folding knife were very popular. Hardly anyone will undertake to call active recreation this entertainment, but it is possible to argue with it, such important parameters as open space and fresh air are available, existence of certain skills of sleight of hand, accuracy and calculation, and also a good luck element, indescribable passion and aspiration to win is required.

Necessary conditions for game: existence of one knife, is desirable folding, and also surfaces in order that to stick this knife. The surface can be different: sand, earth, piece of wood. Main thing - that sand was not too friable, the earth - not too rigid, and tree - not too firm. It is desirable that the cutting edge of a knife was not too sharply ground in order to avoid casual cuts. At the same time the requirement to sharpness of the termination of an edge is obligatory.

1. Earth . Cult game. Can play from two and more people. Surface - firm, earth. On the earth the knife draws a circle with a diameter of 1 - 3 meter which is divided into equal sectors according to the number of participants. To each participant it is appropriated the the allocated site. The sequence of the courses of participants is established and game begins. The first participant becomes on the site and carries out attempt of a throwing of a knife to the earth of the opponent. Any of participants can be the opponent. Equipment of a throwing such is. It is necessary to arrange a knife vertically, to squeeze an edge at distance of 1 - 2 cm from its termination between big and index fingers. The throwing is made by the movement of a brush and a forearm with a simultaneous otpuskaniye of an edge fingers down. At a throwing force should be calculated so that the knife made 1 - 4 turns before reaches the earth. The less turns, the probability of successful hit is higher. The thrust condition of a knife is considered successful hit, and the gap between edge of the handle of a knife and the earth should not exceed thumb thickness. If this condition is not satisfied or the knife was not thrust at all, then attempt is considered failed and the throwing passes to the following participant.

Throwing purpose - to take away from the opponent the earth in own favor. At successful hit of a knife in a site of the opponent it is necessary to draw according to the direction of the plane of an edge a straight line to circle border (or borders of other participant) and before crossing with the earth . The opponent chooses some one half from the site broken thus into two half. The remained half belongs to you. The border is erased, and your possession increase. The participant who has so small site that it is not capable to keep on it even on one leg leaves game, and its earth joins the earth of won.

In game there are several nuances. In - the first if you snatched the earth, but when carrying out a straight line to edge, distant from you, standing on the site, are not capable to reach this edge, then attempt is considered failed. In - the second, if participant cut off from the earth i.e. the cutting line passes parallel to a tangent to a circle of its earth, the cut participant will have to make two times successful hit that to connect to the earth - and only after that can commit assaults on lands of other participants.

is considered the Winner the last remained participant.

2. Sea battle . Also widespread game. Number of players - any. There are two types of game: motionless and dynamic. Essence of the motionless game - in a points taking to the certain value established freely. The game is played by the penknife bent at an angle 90 - 120 degrees. In such semi-put situation the knife is stuck the sharp termination to the earth (sand) and get a forefinger under edge of the handle. This edge has to be located as it is possible closer to the earth. Further a push throw out a knife up and forward, giving it rotation. That position which will be reached by a knife after falling matters. The knife lying on a lateral surface of the handle is considered the failed attempt. Hit in a look ^ (boat) - one point, hit in a look ^ with the raised termination of the handle (several boats) - the quantity of points is equal to the number of fingers of a hand which can be placed between the earth and edge of the handle, hit in a look __ | (cruiser) - 10 points, hit in a look _ | an edge in sand (battle ship) - 20 points, hit in the form of the termination of the handle in sand (a victorious flag) - the absolute victory, game stops. It is possible to play on a wooden bench, however it is necessary to be careful and not to sit on it during the opponent`s throwing.

The dynamic option of game means that each participant draws to himself the earth (a circle of 0,5 m) at remote distances from each other. Further in turn participants make above-mentioned throwings, but do not consider points, and draw the corresponding ships symbols and from the ship to the ship move with the earth of the opponent, destroying at the same time the found opponent`s ships the hits equivalent on a sum of points. Having reached the earth of the opponent, it is necessary to get to it the quantity of points corresponding, for example, to age of the opponent (by agreement).

3. Tanchiki . the Essence of game is similar to dynamic « option; sea battle a difference only in units. Game is carried out by a direct knife standing. Tanchik (1 point) - a standard throwing, as in lands ; Panther (2 points) - the edge nestles a forefinger and a little finger on phalanxes of average and anonymous, Tiger (3 points) - the edge contracts in a fist, Katyusha (5 points) - the standard throwing, but an elbow of a metayushchy hand is delayed by other hand passing behind the back, the helicopter (10 points) &ndash back; the throwing is carried out for an edge with rotation giving, a landing (15 points) &ndash up; the throwing is carried out for an edge forward on long distance.

Games are interesting, take, however, remember care: knife, even perochinny - the thing is dangerous therefore to children to 14, I think, these should not be engaged …