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Than to update a floor in to a five-storey apartment block ?

Once, not very long ago, floors in all national apartments, with rare exception, were same. For centuries the fulfilled design from the boards laid on logs.

Also the color palette did not differ in a variety. Shades could be the most various, but color nearly one - brown. I suspect that the richness of shades was caused not by a flight of fancy of designers, but technological capabilities of producers of paint of those years, more precisely, their unwillingness to scrupulously maintain all nuances of a production cycle.

Time is relentless. It destroys the most resistant designs. A wooden floor from boards not an exception. But if could only succeed worn out just the same earlier, today from richness of opportunities the head goes around.

Pushes to the choice of modern option also labor input of a turn of traditional floors. Hiroshima in the apartment will be pleasant to nobody, want - do not want, and it is necessary to look for options.

If a floor more - less equal, it is possible to get rid of a scratch, having strengthened it screws, and then from above to lay plywood, from moisture resistant material, boards about 10 mm thick. Let`s receive a fine basis for a laminate.

And further as speak, a trick. Choose any drawing and color to liking. The prices are the most democratic. With laying too any problems. It is possible independently if time grudges - employ the professional. On the room at it only several hours will leave.

The self-leveled mixes will form a fine basis for any covering. They eliminate roughnesses and differences to 5 mm. There are structures allowing use on a board basis. Do not forget to close up only cracks in a floor if they are.

And if condition of floors still anything it is possible to refresh a board with scraping, polishing and toning with the subsequent covering it is delicious. Very much it is even beautiful, especially if not to stint a varnish, and to cover with several layers.

Probably, the natural parquet will never get out of fashion. Today more and more seldom use it in original state, and even more often - in the form of a parquet board. On simplicity of laying a parquet board the direct competitor to a laminate. But by the form not to distinguish it from a usual parquet. A varnish she does not demand any scraping, polishing and a covering. Everything is already made. Only lay - and a floor is ready.

If stop the choice on a parquet board, you remember that the top decorative layer of an interline interval is rather thin, several millimeters. Therefore on durability the board nevertheless concedes to a traditional parquet. But do not despair, on our century will be enough.

The parquet board from a traditional oak is less effective, than from a tree of exotic African breeds. But the last coverings are softer, and are recommended for use in places where load of them will be minimum.

In places, where very big hodimost it is possible to lay a ceramic tile. Its colors and drawings the most various, it is possible even to find a tile with imitation of a parquet. Well the combination to other types of a covering, for example, in kitchen, near a plate and a sink - a tile, and in a lunch zone a pith covering, or any other modern material looks.

Everything listed - only a little bit of what is offered today by producers and designers. Their finds will allow to put in order a floor in any to a five-storey apartment block . Choose.