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Why Iosif Kobzon celebrates 120 years?

Seem, for the first time I heard Iosif Kobzon`s voice on a flexible plate of the " magazine; Outlook - he sang The Song remains with the person . Young, beautiful and with a magnificent head of hear. Then to it was, probably, years 30. Very much can be that I heard it earlier - but in memory there was it.

And smash hit cycle And at us in the yard sung with Maya Kristalinskaya: You looked at me You not grief, maybe, still we will meet I Came back home, and you did not wait . Remarkable songs, remarkable execution, remarkable actor.

At the beginning of concert activity of Iosif Davydovich Leonid Utesov told, allocating Kobzon from the mass of performers: It is statuary . Really, Iosif Davydovich is almost not mobile. All its songs - in his eyes!

Only one time I heard Iosif Kobzon alive - at the end of 90 - x years it came to Naberezhnye Chelny. All concert was magnificent, but one song - the serenade for the wife - left the strongest impression. Iosif Davydovich differs in rare ability to inform of the adoration of the beloved the listener.

By the way, the same occurred also at its anniversary concert: he sang for the woman - for the wife who sat in the hall. And from a scene not only words and music, and a love stream flew. In my opinion, it could be felt physically.

And how sincere was performance of the song Rushnik ( Washing R_dn with MATI, ti did not sleep nights ) which the singer devoted to mother!

70 years of life. 11 Was born

. 09. 1937 in Ukraine, in Donetsk region. Near Artemovsk there is a small town, Chasov Yar.

The father for the second day of war left on the front, Iosif`s family got on the train and went to uncertainty - far away from border. As a result it appeared in Central Asia, in Yangi Eul`s city (20 kilometers from Tashkent).

After liberation of Donbass returned to Ukraine. Iosif went to the first class in the city of Kramatorsk, 6 - y and 7 - y finished classes already in Dnipropetrovsk. Upon termination of mountain technical school went to serve to army. Got to School of non-commissioned officer`s structure.

In 1957 across all country there passed reviews, selections for the Moscow festival of youth and students. And here on one of them Iosif received the offer from the artistic director Ansambl of a song and dancing of the Transcaucasian military district of Mordasov to continue service in Ansambl.

It defined also prospects: occupations with professional teachers led to thought of receipt in musical educational institution. Iosif was admitted to three schools at once, but he chose Gnesinka - there examiners seemed it more friendly, than in others.

In 1959 Iosif meets Arkady Ostrovsky who subsequently transferred to his Fradkin, Dolukhanyan and Frenkel And further everywhere!

50 years of singing.

For the concert life Iosif Davydovich wrote down more than 3000 songs!

On September 14, 2007 on 1 RTV channel (Israelis) showed us the anniversary concert of Iosif Kobzon which took place on September 11. What to speak - he sings still perfectly! Here at a concert he also told that he celebrates 120 years - 70 years since birth and 50 years of concert activity.

To the seventieth birthday I. D. Kobzon received from the daughter a unique gift - the personal website. On the main page M. Tariverdiev`s songs from the movie " sound; 17 moments of spring : Moments Washing Grief, you abandon me . (On the Internet about 2500 websites on which I. D. Kobzon is mentioned.) *

Attribute to Valentin Gaft the epigram (it was written about twenty years ago).

How not to stop the running bison,

So not to stop the singing Kobzon!

Iosif Davydovich Kobzon plans the anniversary concert tour across 25 cities of the former USSR.

To Iosif Davydovich: before the presents 120! And to hold speed!

P. S. Among other songs at an anniversary concert he sang Hava Nagila ** accompanied by chorus and an orchestra of Armed Forces of Russia! The fact that singers during performance of this song held hands was remarkable and were shaken as the singing Hasidim! Also sang in Hebrew!

In the hall there were diametrical expressions of persons: from enthusiastic to alerted. Well still! Have you ever seen anything like it, that the Russian soldiers sang in Hebrew?! Moreover also hopped as the believing Jews! Moreover at the most prestigious concert venue of Russia!

Here that can make big talent!

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* the Official site of Oscar Feltsman - on it can listen to Iosif Kobzon.

** Let`s have fun,

Let`s sing and have fun.

Wake up, brothers with cheerful heart!