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Whether there can be a credit under 0%?

Than our credit is useful?

It does not harm the budget?

Zero percent all at us,

Is just the highest class!

Advertising in shop of household appliances. I Will begin

from far away.

I somehow Read the paper of Federal Antimonopoly Service on violations of the legislation in the bank sphere. And so, the average percent on the credits issued to the population is equal to 52% per annum! FIFTY TWO PERCENT! And it is an average value! Means, there are rates above!

The Federal Antimonopoly Service found out that banks in the advertizing or are kept back, or simply lie about interest rates. Also let`s punish dishonourable creditors under the law instructions to stop a disgrace. To be fair it is necessary to recognize that some affairs even ended with penalties. But cheap, not comparable to the mad income from the credits. Though since July 1, 2007. the bank is obliged to disclose all sum which this client should pay before the client!

Aha! Fig!

Here to you personal example. We with my wife long dreamed of one very expensive thing. Found the shop selling goods on credit (business was long ago, but also now nothing changed, I know on the acquaintances). Ideal conditions. The price accepted of 0% per annum, without initial contribution moreover also I credit a card give at once, but not after payment of the credit! Bank known In the plate that the employee of bank gave me, it appeared

that payments have to be made to the third day of every month. Checked everything, the contract studied more than two hours. A little huge penalties confused, but I knew that absolutely money will be paid in time. I postponed a credit card at once when receiving. 78% per annum! It not for me!

And happened here what history to the credit. I regularly paid money to 1 - go numbers. And here, after eight months to me the letter in which penalties are calculated comes! The sum is considerable. I call in bank. The steady man`s voice confirms that I have to pay a penalty. For what?! It appears, the money sent by mail usually goes more than 3 - x days, and, therefore, comes to bank after the third. And a penalty for each overdue day - oho - go! To deal with mail there was a reluctance and I think, these delays were simply paid by bank though to prove it, of course The penalty paid, paid the following payments in 10 days prior to a deadline. More problems did not arise.

If you take the credit, to you are obliged to calculate monthly payments. With all commissions. Please, count, on how many you put.

Attentively read the contract. Even if you are hurried by your relatives. In large shopping centers usually there are representative offices of several banks, compare their conditions. They are always different.

Ask tricky questions. What the figure is, to properly interpret this or that phrase in the contract. Surely bring up a question from penalties. Ask what will be if you, for example get sick. Be not afraid if the bank decided to issue you the credit, it will give it. And to answer your tricky questions - a direct duty of the employee of bank.

Remember. Is not present and cannot be the credit under 0%! If this is so, the sum of the credit is simply included in goods cost and if in such shop you buy for cash (you pay purchase at once, for example, with a credit card), you considerably overpay! Is not present and cannot be the credit under 0%! It is deception. In - the first because the bank should live on something too. And it something - your percent (payment) for the issued credit. In - the second, according to the Tax code, the credit in Russia cannot cheaper cost 9% per annum in currency or 9,75% in rubles. Otherwise the one who borrows begins to earn from a loan, so, is obliged to pay from it income tax.

And once again I will repeat. According to data of Federal Antimonopoly Service - the average percent on the credits issued to the population is equal to 52% per annum!