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Why script of the movie Kuban Cossacks corresponded several times?

on September 19, 1962, 45 years ago, did not become Nikolay Fedorovich Pogodin, the Soviet playwright and the screenwriter. The age-mate of the XX century was remembered to contemporaries, first of all, by the trilogy about Lenin - The Person with the gun Kremlin chiming clock and The Third pathetic . But I want to tell about other, not less considerable work of Pogodin today, - about the script for the legendary movie Kuban Cossacks .

But in the beginning it would be useful to tell about Nikolay Fedorovich. He was born on November 16, 1900 in the village Gundorovskaya of Donetsk region, in Fedor Stukalov`s family (Pogodin is a literary pseudonym). The family lived is rather poor, living from hand to mouth. It is no wonder that Great October socialist revolutions 17 - summer Nikolay met enthusiastically. And as soon as the set in Red Army began, Stukalov - younger registered in its ranks one of the first. Together with red horsemen it was cut with White Guards, more than once was on a hair from death. But the destiny saved it. And moreover - gave very rich food for further work.

Nikolay was overflowed by emotions, he wanted to splash out everything on paper. He settled the reporter in the Rostov newspaper Labour way also it was wound on the Don steppe, telling about how sprouts of new life make the way to light. What most of all was pleasant to readers of the newspaper - juicy language, observation and it is not enough falseness.

These qualities were useful to the guy when he began to write sketches not where - nibud, and in the " newspaper; Truth . In 1922 it was accepted to the state traveling correspondent (now it is a position post-bark), and in 1925 Nikolay forever left Don region and finally moved to the capital. Its sketches about yesterday`s war heroes, and nowadays heroes of labor everyday life, were fallen in love to readers. In a year after arrival to Moscow Pogodin (by then it already took a pseudonym) publishes two books of sketches Red morning and Red sprouts .

Yes, at the beginning the journalist of career in Moscow, Nikolay a little replaced tone of the publications: in them there was much more pathetics, continually got out hypothetical pathos. But whether it is possible to condemn for it the person who not only blindly trusted revolution ideals, but also battled for them on fields of war?

Books received the good press, and not incidentally one of writers famous in those days with old, pre-revolutionary education with which Pogodin worked in To the Truth somehow offered: But whether not to write you, old man, the play? It is sure, at you it will turn out! . Play? - Pogodin was surprised. - But in them such heroes whom will admire all have to act! . And unless you in sketches have not enough such heroes? - the master insisted. And there were first plays Speed about builders - seasonal workers, The Poem about the " axe; My friend After a ball .

The first plays were almost right there put that gave to the beginning playwright new forces. And if to paraphrase the well-known remark of one of heroes of the movie Beware of the " car; - But whether not to threaten to us on William of our Shakespeare? it will turn out such: But whether not to undertake to us our leader, Vladimir Ilyich? .

So appeared at first The Person with the gun where Lenin turned out though a little varnished, but very much national and then and Kremlin chiming clock . But, very few people know that by 1941 Nikolay Pogodin finished the play Kuban Cossacks which so was pleasant to the father of all people that to Pogodin for this play the Stalin award was the same year awarded.

It is necessary to tell that this play was our answer to Chamberlain as to the USA since 1934 there was a play for which all delights of the American life undersigned. And Pogodin with pleasure grabbed idea to show that at us everything is at all not worse. Also succeeded in it judging from the fact that pleased the leader. It is a pity that the movie to put the Great Patriotic War at that time did not work well, burst.

And here after its termination hands reached the movie too not at once. And to it there is a logical explanation - the farms destroyed by war too hard restored, and lived very difficult, poorly in spite of the fact that they worked, as they say, without unbending a back. Here only one certificate of those years: 5 - y year we live in the world, and every year it is harder and harder. State taxes it is more and more. If in 49 - m I paid 375 rubles and handed over 40 kilograms of meat, then in 50 - m - 550 rubles and 44 kilograms of meat, and all cattle - a goat and a little pig. We do not see money as on workdays nothing is given. We live only on the potato together with the daughter and who has a big family - children swell with hunger . These lines from the letter to Council for affairs of collective farms from the peasant Rakhmanova from collective farm of the Dzerzhinsk Moylovsky Village Council of the Hvastovichesky district of the Kaluga region written in 1950 when on all Soviet rural clubs already there was beautiful and very cheerful movie Kuban Cossacks .

By the way in order that the movie turned out such, it was necessary to Pogodin which - what to rewrite, in particular, to add to the former veterans of an award, deserved in the Great Patriotic War. But, you see, it is told about the war in the movie a little.

Ivan Pyryev`s movie very much was pleasant to Stalin. They say that, having seen a picture, the father of all people said the phrase which became winged: I always knew that at us in the village live very well! .

For correct display of rural life Pogodin was conferred in 1951 the State award USSR. But also after that Nikolay Fedorovich`s feather did not stay idle. He wrote five plays, the novel and five film scripts. In the same 1951 Nikolay Pogodin headed the " magazine; " Theatre; in which worked till 1960 Pogodin`s

there are no 45 years with us, and Kuban Cossacks still please people. In two years we will celebrate them 60 - the anniversary