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What is a scale Apgar and why it is necessary?

the first minutes of appearance of the kid on light, along with weight, are important also other characteristics allowing to judge as far as the child is healthy. Therefore for an assessment of the general health of the newborn and prevention of diseases doctors determine a condition of the baby by a scale by Apgar. This scale was developed in 1952 by the American anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar. She allows to estimate quickly a state of health of the child and his physiological maturity. The points given the first minute after the birth and in 5 minutes include five indicators: heart beat frequency, coloring of skin, breath depth, muscular tone and activity, reaction to irritation.

As much as possible on each indicator it is possible to gain 2 points, the minimum point - 0. At the end points develop in a total amount. In the sum the child can gain up to 10 points. The main purpose of a scale - to define whether the emergency medical care is necessary to the kid.

The indicator from 7 to 10 points indicates a satisfactory condition of the newborn, the got 5 - 6 points are considered transferred an easy form of oxygen starvation, 1 - 4 point - a severe form. They need close attention of doctors in maternity hospital, and in the subsequent have to be observed not only at the pediatrician, but also at the neuropathologist.

But it does not mean that the child who got 10 points that, by the way, happens very seldom is healthier than that to which delivered only 8. The scale was created by Apgar generally for nurses that they could define quicker what child needs the bigger help. Points only show what child causes bigger concern of doctors. So, the kid who got 5 - 6 points the first minute, and in 5 minutes - 7 - 10 points, will be referred to category not causing concern. The newborn having 5 points and the first minute and in 5 minutes, requires to himself bigger attention.

Even newborns with pink skin who normally breathe, with good heartbeat, loudly crying and with the strong muscular movements do not gather the maximum number of points. It is required to the blood circulatory system minutes five to adjust work therefore at first handles and legs can be blue. If the baby has pink sponges and he exactly breathes, he means it is absolutely healthy. Happens even so that the peanut from among the healthiest loses points because does not cry as it is necessary the first minutes, and shows quiet attention.

But to you it is not necessary to worry if yours the baby got only 6 points. Newborns are very sympathetic on mother`s care and love, and at them everything is quickly compensated.

Love the kid, implement all recommendations of doctors and then at you everything will be excellent!