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What it is necessary to know about cancer diseases?

around the world become Every year the people sick with oncological diseases more and more. Forecasts are unfavourable too, - by 2030 the number of cancer patients will reach 75 000 000, i.e. will increase almost by 3 times in comparison with today (according to World Health Organization).

Russia - not an exception. Already today at us in the country 2 500 000 patients are registered. Over the last 10 years the level of a disease rose by 15%. And for the last 20 years the quantity of diseases of a breast cancer increased by 64%!

But, on the other hand, the number of the people who won a dreadful disease increases every year. It and is clear, the science does not stand still. New drugs which fight against cancer cells more and more successfully are developed. Biotechnologies develop. Rather recently in oncology the term " appeared; biotherapy which is more effective in comparison with chemotherapy .

Also methods of early diagnostics are invented. For example, the English doctors developed the test which allows to make the diagnosis - lung cancer - at the earliest stage. It is a color sensor, of the size of a coin. He investigates composition of the air exhaled by the person (at a tumor of lungs this structure other).

What bodies of a human body are most of all subject to this disease? Malignant tumors most often affect with

a stomach, a liver, a gullet, a prostate, a uterus neck, ovaries. But really the breast cancer, a skin cancer, lung cancer are in the lead among all kinds of cancer (and their more than 100).

What is the reason of oncological diseases?

the Breast cancer can result from hormonal violations in an organism owing to unwillingness of women to give birth, interruption of pregnancy, refusal of breastfeeding. Can lead solar burns, long stay on the sun to a cancer of skin, injuries of birthmarks and skin educations. Lung cancer, throats, a stomach can cause smoking, harmful working conditions.

It is possible to carry an adverse effect of environment, and also an unhealthy way of life to number of the factors provoking developing of cancer.

to resist to a dangerous illness, it is necessary to know the main thing - today cancer is curable. But we will cure only on condition of its early identification.

If it is about a breast cancer, then physicians advise regular self-inspections of mammary glands. But you remember that at the earliest stage thus the tumor cannot be noticed. It is necessary to do annually ultrasonography of a breast or mammography which are capable to reveal the tiniest malignancies - to 3 mm. Regular fluorographic inspections are capable to reveal lung cancer. In order to avoid a skin cancer extremely attentively and carefully handle birthmarks and other skin educations. Any their changes on color, the size - a serious reason for the address to the doctor.

The breast cancer revealed at early stages, leukoses, sarcoma, a blood cancer, lymphoid fabric - are curable. The percent of recovered reaches 90 - 95%. Much worse the situation is with treatment of a melanoma, lung cancer, a liver and pancreas. These diseases have the fast and progressing current if not to reveal them at early stages.

And, at last, about prevention of oncological diseases. It is necessary to know that the medicines preventing development of cancer no. The only means is an exception of the factors promoting development of a disease and a healthy lifestyle today.

If you smoke - throw! If you work at a factory with harmful working conditions - change work, health it is more important! If like to sunbathe, remember - the sun is pernicious for skin, especially for those who live in northern and midlatitudes! Avoid stay on the beach during the period from 12 to 16 o`clock, - at this time sunshine are especially dangerous.

The healthy lifestyle is, first of all, healthy food. Do not eat fried and smoked. The healthiest food that which is steamed. Eat carrots, paprika, cabbage of broccoli which reduce risk of development of a disease, the brown rice reducing risk of cancer of rectum, the garlic interfering developing of cancer of stomach and intestines, egg. In one women`s magazine I read that consumption of 6 eggs in a week reduces risk of a disease of a breast cancer by 44%.

Take care! Also you remember that our health - in our hands.