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What it, a cage for a hamster?

the Century of a hamster, unfortunately, is not long. At the healthy and high-quality nutrition he is capable to live about two years that he does not come within miles with fifteen years of cats or dogs. As the hamster nevertheless has not enough time which is released on life, each his day has to pass not for nothing. Not the last role in it is played by that place where he lives. It is possible to read a lot of literature in which it is described what cage is necessary to this or that species of hamsters, and it is possible to allow to make to her most animal. But for a start the cage needs to be bought nevertheless. What it is worth paying attention to that is insignificant about it is below.

The first what it is necessary to pay attention, it a door to . It has to be convenient for YOU. To put food, to clean on a trifle or just to take a hamster in hand. All these and many other procedures are made through a door. Look whether it is convenient to open / close it whether it will be difficult to open it for an animal, push a hand and try to reach all (!) cage corners. Pay attention to whether gives you this any inconvenience, or, maybe, you scratched a hand - if they, inconveniences, are, then do not buy such cage.

The second is a floor . There is an opinion that it has to be with the pallet, that is actually a floor turns out trellised. No way! To go on such flooring to a hamster quite inconveniently (personal observations), and especially you will not gambol. If you are afraid that they will write there, then it is vain. The hamster can be accustomed to full to a toilet (it, by the way, has to pass freely through a door).

The lodge is usually delivered in a set. More than it is enough of it. In any case, it is possible to fix these lodges easily and reliably in a cage what you will not tell about elaborate . What only with them the hamster does not do, most often overturns and drags where - nibud. Has a good time.

Bowls / drinking bowls . Two small flat dishes also most often go in a set. They quite are enough. It is also possible to get a drinking bowl which fastens outside and works as required: wanted - drank, did not want - she waits.

Number of storeys . As practice shows, it is possible a cage and in 1. 5 etazhik: floor and small ploshchadochka. Without number of storeys it is impossible, you should not forget that hamsters nevertheless wild animals and a peculiar height difference is necessary for them. And at the same time they are not rats therefore actively on tiers of a cage do not run. (The author has a three-storyed cage, and to the very top the hamster runs only because there the food lies. Only from - for it.)

A wheel , here that replaces with it open spaces of fields (the hamster can run to 40 km for one night, not all breeds, the truth). It is big, is free rotate and it has to is convenient to fasten in a cage. It is the best of all to check it at once upon purchase of a cage. However, the price of castors does not bite therefore it is possible and to make couple of mistakes, they will not be fatal to the budget (the wheel costs about 20 - 350 rubles, whereas a cage from 500 - 600 rubles to several thousand).

Well, and finally about the cage. In their shops the great variety therefore you should not think out the bicycle is on sale now. Teeth at hamsters sharp, they are capable to gnaw through a tree and especially a cardboard, they and metal rods decently grind off. Therefore their thickness has to be from the category a finger you will not bend what most often you do not observe in the markets.

And such council from the author: put yourself to the place of a hamster. It very much helps.

In article such types " are not mentioned; cages as 3-liter jars and to them similar designs. The author with good reason considers these cages as full poverty and cruel mockery at an animal. Air access there - any, spaces there any not to create household conveniences. Generally, it is not our choice.

Successful to you purchases for your future pets.

In more detail about requirements to cages.