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How to make flight on the plane easy and pleasant? From the screw!

to Travel on the plane is difficult, especially on a long distance. Moreover and expectation tires, waiting list for registration, and many other things. The main thing in this case - to make a right choice that was not excruciatingly painful .

So, we will deal with airline.

It is one of the most difficult aspects as at the moment there is a set of airlines that significantly complicates their choice. Also remember: not only pleasant flight, but also your life depends on airline. Therefore the trust is on the first place. Learn as much as possible about the companies which are carrying out the necessary flights. Polazte on the Internet, read responses at independent forums, surely learn everything about reputation of the company: whether it had accidents when for what reasons under what circumstances. Only after that it is possible to start the basic - the order of the ticket.

At the order of the ticket specify all details. Learn what there is a sum of whether the pilot has an insurance, what qualification. The most important, do not hesitate, a lot of things depend on it.

Do not forget to read Contract of air transportation . In it there can be a lot of useful information, and there can be also a dirty trick.

For example, excerpt from the contract of one young airlines: Each passenger can take free of charge with himself 15 kg of baggage. From them it is possible to take one place unregistered baggage weighing no more than 10 kg " aboard the plane;.

As you see, the hand luggage is enlisted in the weight of all baggage, that is and your bag, a cosmetics bag, and another will enter this weight. And it is natural if are excess, then you should pay extra, and the considerable sum. Depending on the company for each extra kilo from 120 and above. Therefore be careful and attentively read everything.

You chose the company, all learned, read the contract, booked tickets.

I, at last, came time to talk about the flight. That everything passed successfully, study several simple rules:

1. Before an exit from the house, weigh baggage, at least approximately having convinced of its compliance to a weight framework;

2. Check whether you bought the ticket and the passport!

3. Before leaving, call in help airline or the airport and learn whether flight is delayed.

4. Registration, usually, begins in 2 hours prior to a departure. Therefore not to stand in a queue and not to be late, you leave the house earlier, with a stock as on roads there can be traffic jams.

5. During registration you can always ask seats with edge or for a window.

6. If you suffer from travel sickness in the plane, then take with yourself strongly mint chewing gum and orange juice. They will work better than any tablet. But do not forget about the rules introduced 27. 08. 2007: aboard the plane it is possible to carry by no more than 1 l of liquid in poletilenovy packings on 100 ml.

7. On the plane, as a rule, stuffs up ears. This extremely unpleasant and irritating feeling. To get rid of it, take with yourself lollipops - an old and reliable way. Or do the following: as soon as begins to stuff up ears, hold a nose a hand, densely close a mouth and inflate it with air.

8. When you already took the place, make sure available a life jacket which is under a seat, check a belt of safety and attentively study the instruction which will be shown you by the stewardess.

Observing these councils, your flight will take place successfully and easily. you remember

I: Devil is not so black as he is painted .