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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? About a rod.

What is necessary on fishing if the grenade did not manage to be bought?! Of course, it is a rod! Rods happen different, depending on appointment, and are bought also depending on preferences of the fisher. But one business a rod purchased and absolutely already another - a fishing-rod self-made.

Being still boys, we not strongly stuffed ourselves the head with such knowledge. Went to the next Liski, chose a switch of suitable length, thickness and weight, equipped it too simply. Everything was made of make-shifts. Throughput rings and a motovilets were made of the found wire. The simple hook was made of a usual needle for embroidery, the float was made of a piece of polyfoam or a simple goose quill. Even at such equipment the good catch and tasty, fried over a fire, gudgeons, karasik, ruffs was provided to us.

But such rod is good only for some period, for the period of summer vacation in the village, for example. But time went, and interest in fishing did not die away. And though in shop it was always possible to choose quite worthy bamboo fishing-rod, we learned to do something special, on as it is unlike simple to catch more interestingly. Now I korotenko will try to describe technology of production such homemade fishing-rods, and you esteem and answer a question. Whether it is competitive against modern reality?

When and what material it is better to apply? In the spring preparation of material for future fishing-rod is less expedient because preparations less strong. Here till fall - quite another matter! The mountain ash, a birch, a hazel grove become rather strong by this time. It is better to prepare several switches that at the end of procedure it was possible to carry out test comparisons and to select one - two ready rods which will be able to serve to you belief and the truth not one year.

At first the prepared switches need to be cleared of a suchkovatost, but not of bark. The material prepared in such a way is suspended for the top part on an attic or in a shed to a beam, it is more difficult to make it in the apartment, the glazed balcony will approach. To the lower part of future fishing-rod it is necessary to suspend freight not less than 10, and all 20 - 30 kilograms are better. Anything can serve as freight: weights, dumbbells, the old crankshaft from the car In such situation switches have to hang till the spring.

In the spring switches need to be cleared of bark and agnails, then to smooth out all roughnesses an emery paper. The preparations processed thus become impregnated with any vegetable oil, and later become covered by a waterproof varnish and are left on drying. Oiling does not allow a fishing-rod to absorb moisture, and also gives properties of elasticity and viscosity.

It is clear, that our preparation does not conform to our requirements about durability and thickness yet. Here such recipe will help. Acetone, rubber, plastic will be necessary. We dissolve in acetone at first rubber that liquid turned out viscous, we add plastic pieces to the received solution. Solution has to be similar on viscosity to a primer. Liquid is applied on a fishing-rod with a usual brush. Allow to dry up a little, within 10 - 20 minutes then operation is repeated. Thus, for several passes it is possible to give to a fishing-rod as durability, and to adjust to the hand on thickness. Plastic when drying compresses and very densely clasps a rod. At the same time the weight of such design increases absolutely on slightly - slightly.

If you absolutely the esthete, then it is necessary to pripolirovat a fishing-rod. After polishing to put on the prepared throughput rings, self-made or purchased, to fix them. Rings fasten on glue or by means of winding of a thread a round to a round, depending on a design of rings. When fastening by threads it is necessary to cover a surface of threads with the same waterproof varnish that they did not rot.

Here, in general, as it is possible to make a fishing-rod independently. Now, after such thorough processing, to it the friction, scratches, moisture are not terrible. At the accurate address and timely leaving such fishing-rod will serve quite long period of time, reliving the purchased fellows, as a rule.

It is already possible to catch on such fishing-rod. But for any fisher there will always be a question about it loading capacity . To find out this nuance and small tests for your tool are necessary. For this purpose small weights of the known weight will be necessary. On a tip of a fishing-rod freight to start grams in 50 becomes attached on a short string. Then it is necessary, holding a fishing-rod for a butt (the handle!) to lift this small weight from the earth. If crackled nothing and the switch did not crack, fish weighing 200 - 300 grams can be caught safely. At increase in freight for tests to 200 - 250 grams and successful passing of the test it is possible to go with confidence for fish weighing one kilogram and more. Approximately the bigger also is measured in the same proportions loading capacity fishing-rods.

More sophisticated fishers can improve the fishing-rod a little more. Everything is made of improvised materials and does not demand any special knowledge. The handle (butt) can be increased on thickness, for convenience during fishing. It is possible to make it a usual linen rope, stacking its round to a round. It is possible to balance a fishing-rod, for ease and usability. Here everyone has to be tried on to the physiological features (growth, weight, physical force). For balancing in the koml openings into which it is possible to drive in the melted in advance lead pins are drilled.