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How my beliefs influence my life?

Everyone lives in that world which he created the thoughts. (N. Pravdina).

Scientific Princeton university led by Robert Dzh. Gian in 1970 developed the program for studying consciousness roles in definition of material reality . After carrying out hundreds of scientific experiments Gian and his assistants found strong reasons to claim that the brain directly influences material reality of the person. Later, in 1994 at the same university conference which discussed how to develop and put into practice this theories in the concrete field of science was held. The leading scientists and experts of the world studying a human brain and its opportunities participated in this conference.

For today interaction of consciousness and matter are not something supernatural any more. Our thought processes are a type of thin energy and natural in the way influence more rough energy - matter. Proceeding from the aforesaid, the fact that imaginations, desires, fancies, doubts and fears exert impact on reality of the person becomes clear. If we realize more deeply that we are part of the dynamic and open Universe that our brain plays a crucial role in creation of reality, then for certain we will be able to develop in ourselves more creative and active approach to life.

Each person has certain views and beliefs, for us they are, vital postulates and seldom we doubt them. Of course, we consider them correct if it not so, then why they are necessary to us? If the person considers himself unworthy - then he will be actually unworthy and if another considers itself to the rich - it and will be rich on the present. Each person lives with belief in the beliefs, there is no fact that there is no belief in the person, the belief is a natural component of life as sunshine are part of the sun or as fire has heat. Someone believes that he can win money in a lottery if it is sincere in it, then he, eventually, also will receive it. If other person does not trust in a lottery, then where then here belief? You ask. But in this case he believes that game in a lottery will not bring it money, all the same the belief works here. The belief is a truth for the person, and the truth is a reality, and from reality follows - confidence and beliefs. In a word: what you trust in, receive.

If you attentively analyse the problems, then can come to a conclusion that they come from your wrong views. If you experience difficulties in finance, then reconsider views of the financial world. At difficult relationship with people it is worth paying attention to the attitude towards people. Similarly, if problems with health, then reconsider views of health.

It is possible to hear often such statements, in this hard time it is heavy to earn money or I once will have no enough money . Such beliefs, having deeply taken roots in subconsciousness, continuously work and create surrounding reality for such person. If to consider further, then such beliefs are not only, and pull for themselves a chain similar: Today it is very difficult to earn money If I receive a lot of money, then someone will lack them Well paid places are taken for a long time by others To succeed in life, it is necessary to work hard To be rich, it is necessary to be dishonest etc.

If logically to finish this list, then it will be approximately such: To succeed, I should renounce many things . Present what war should be waged in the consciousness, battling against a heap of such beliefs and at the same time to wish to improve the life.

We have to understand well responsibility for thought process in the consciousness. Our subconsciousness is similar to the soil in a garden, and our thoughts and beliefs are seeds, our reason - the gardener, and plants and saplings are our material reality. At hit to the soil of seeds of weeds they will grow also safely, as well as the negative thoughts and the limiting beliefs which got to our subconsciousness. What is interesting when the negative and limiting beliefs get to subconsciousness, it at once takes them for gospel and will begin to work according to them, causing in the circumstance lives confirming the same living position. If, for example, to believe in misfortune and poverty, then our subconsciousness will use the best efforts to embody these beliefs in reality.

The task of the developing personality consists in controlling intellectual activity and to eliminate negative thoughts. When in subconsciousness there are new beliefs, before us other reality is shown absolutely. If we want to change ours garden then we need to put new saplings and to look after them.

Now let`s develop new, positive beliefs and ideas. If you at the beginning and not absolutely believe in them then you should reminding persistently yourself that you can easily implant any idea or thought in the subconsciousness, and your brain can gradually apprehend it through feelings if to repeat them repeatedly. At continuous repetition aloud of positive statements (beliefs), there is an accustoming to them and they become for you as if and native, and at the same time there is a replacement of old and negative beliefs which limited you. Thus, we can make some cleaning and updating in our subconsciousness.

For a start you need to define that part of the life which you want to change: career, health, sex, relationship, finance etc. Then write all the views and beliefs in this area, find enough time for this purpose and do not feel sorry for paper, it is very important for you. Write only what actually you feel. All list has to make not less than twenty statements (views). Having finished with

your list, define the limiting views and beliefs. after that opposite to each limiting look write

opposite, positive. For example:

the Limiting views: New statements: my opportunities are limited to

. My opportunities are boundless.

Now not my time. Now my time.

U I have me no time for this purpose a lot of time for this purpose of

of the project. project. I do not know

Ya what to do. I precisely know what to do.

For me this plan is impossible. For me this plan is possible.

is difficult to make friends. It is easy to make friends.

Then arrange positive statements so that you could see them often. And, please, take for the rule every day to repeat them aloud. With a current of a certain time you will notice that these statements begin to work effectively.

Of course, any new beliefs have to sprout at first before taking thoroughly root. Naturally, it demands time and certain forces, there can even pass several months, before you feel some real results. To accelerate effect of new beliefs to you, of course, daily and systematic repetitions on ten - everyone are necessary fifteen minutes.

I think, you can easily understand those people who tried to apprehend at once new beliefs or ideas, having read them several times, and then failed. Well, of course, and here necessary efforts and patience are necessary as to the same athlete who decided to pump up the muscles and to achieve certain results in sport.

Working with subconsciousness, you will find out what wait for you the hidden opportunities not at once, it happens seldom, usually they mask under failures and problems. But if you actually sincerely also wish to change the life to the best then you actually will find them much. You will be waited by many different surprises and priyatnost in this field, not for nothing this area of human activity is considered the most mysterious.

Here thus the consciousness of the person influences his life and life. As they say, consciousness initially, and matter is secondary.