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How to induce the child to move in the necessary direction?

Children from one and a half to two and a half years already learned to run very quickly, but it is not always possible to agree with them. Mothers of these children, still a year ago osuzhdayushche swinging the head, having heard the phrase: At first we teach children to go and speak, and then - to sit and be silent realize now that popular wisdom is not born from scratch.

How to convince the child to move there where it is necessary to go, but not there where now the left heel wants him? Solutions of this question can be a little.

It is possible to spank the child a two-three of times properly. Then to it not that to run somewhere - it will be terrible to depart from you at least on a step. A good way of solution of the problem - it is not required to attract either the special force, or the imagination, or any other resources. However this way works as a mine of the slowed-down action - difficult to tell when it blows up when and in what form the child will hit back.

It is possible to develop the physical shape, moving with the same speed, as the kid. For health it is useful, people around with envy see off your harmonous and tightened figure, and the child lost in admiration - mother so fine plays with me. The only, perhaps, lack of this way of the solution of the task facing us is tiresomeness, cost intensity of physical forces. And also the fact that not in any dress it is possible to run cheerfully with the child sometimes even on walk with the kid there is a wish to put on in something such, having finished a toilet high hairpins.

It is possible to make stay near you and the movement in one party, so necessary for you, so interesting that the child will not want to run away from you. It is possible to reach it, having turned moving to game.

Road games - a way to set a right direction. Suggest the child to become

engine , you will be its car. You hold it for a loop, a belt or just clothes and represent the train: you speak chukh - chukh - chukh and that is that is that ! The child voluntarily appears near you and moves in the necessary direction.

Game The Thread - a needle . You suggest the child to remember how the thread with a needle looks. It is possible to do preliminary work, having shown a thread with a needle, to show how the thread follows a needle, to explain that they always together, are not uncoupled, do not leave. At first you can be a needle, then it is possible to change over.

Game Traffic regulations . Explain to the child of the instruction for use with the traffic light: - cost red; - wait for yellow; green - go! You begin to play: the child is a driver of the car (or just the car); You the traffic light leading its movement by change of signals. For the child is more senior it is possible to add signs to the traffic light: brick, stop, restriction of speed and others.

Game " Cottons; . You give to the child such instruction: We run, I clap - we stop . You run when I clap, you stop . To the child is more senior it is possible most to suggest to direct process (to clap).

Suggest the child to move as different animals: to flit as a butterfly; to stamp as an elephant; to go, rolling over as a bear cub etc. To hear change of the instruction, the child should be near you, not to run off you far.

Game Who quicker? . You choose any object which is not really far from you and in line with the direction necessary for you, and offer the child competition: who will quicker reach? It is necessary to move enough, but there are indisputable advantages of this game: the child will wait for you at finishing object and will not lose the chosen direction.

Quantity marching games can be unlimited. Their number is defined by your imagination and desire to play with own child.