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pictures of various genres are presented To Sergey Shapochkin`s portfolio: landscape, portrait, still life. The works which are not united by the genre or thematic principle, nevertheless, are internally connected among themselves. The uniting beginning is concluded in the identity of the author, his inner self. Features of its vision of the World, author`s style and equipment, the creative principles - all this gives semantic integrity of the exposition brought to attention the audience. The creative method of the author can be characterized as Magic Photorealism. The method which is paradoxically combining two contrasts of human life.

On the one hand it is Photorealism. According to physical and chemical laws on a film of the camera only what was before a lens at the time of pressing of the trigger button is inevitably displayed. Photographic accuracy, objectivity - these expressions became common phrases - stamps when speak about something absolutely real, rational and is immutable objective. The photographer is free to choose object of shooting and the moment of pressing descent (according to Cartier`s formula - Bressona). But on a film inevitably there will be that reality which existed at the time of shooting. The author is faithful to realism. In the works he does not use the huge opportunities for creation of new reality given by the modern computer. Traditional it is black - white bromine - the silver photo, technology of selective chemical toning in sepia and a manual coloring paints for a batic. But though everything represented in pictures exists actually, the author sincerely hopes that his photos represent something bigger, than a photocopy of the reality imprinted at the time of shooting. That in them there is also something very difficult explainable words, perceived rather by a feeling, than mind, not absolutely clear, but close and important for our inner self. Probably, Magic. It is the second component of an author`s method.

I understand Magic not only as something inexplicable from the point of view of so-called common sense, contradicting firm laws of objectivistic science, physics and natural sciences and as the human beginning which is directly resisting to the rationalistic, materialistic, rational, technocratic beginning in the person .

In the conditions of constantly accelerating technical progress spiritual human height (if in general it is possible to speak about that today) hopelessly lags behind. I understand magic Photorealism as opposition, open resistance to the Technocratic direction in the modern photo generated by ideology of consumption. Consumption - as only the worthy purpose of existence of the modern person.

Sergey Shapochkin`s photos do not serve a modern cult of consumption. Really, its gastronomic still lifes will hardly cause desire to taste the offered dishes. Landscapes seem some artificial, fantastic though these corners of the nature are very nearby. A certain absurdity, semantic ambiguity, a neprochityvayemost in a forehead can nonplus the people who are adjusted on klipovo - advertizing vision of life. But the author is sure that there is something very important, hidden behind a bright neon facade of modern life, there is something important in life that does not keep within a framework of glossy fashionable magazines. That the purpose of human life everything is much higher than unpretentious advertizing slogans, it seems Earn and spend . The author will consider the creativity justified if it helps you to come off daily occurrence, differently to look at surrounding reality, to try to glance in itself and to open something new.

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