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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? About a salmon.

Salmon, no doubt, have great trade value for the person. In the nature there is quite large number of types. They include checkpoints, semi-checkpoints and completely fresh-water breeds of fish.

General information.

the Salmon, still it is called a noble salmon, in the majority it is widespread in the White, Baltic and Barents seas. This fish has the extended, spindle-shaped body which becomes already to the head and a tail. Outside the salmon is densely covered with small scales of silvery color. The back has a blued shade with metal outflow, a paunch - white. Back and tail fins have darkly - a gray color, and the others too gray, but at the same time are much lighter than already called. On each side there are fishes if to look narrowly, then it is possible to distinguish patterns in the form of small X - figurative spots. Mouth at this fish big also has very many small teeth. In a catch fishes 80 - 110 centimeters long and weighing about 20 kilograms most often meet, but the salmon can grow in length up to one and a half meters, reaching at the same time up to 30 kilograms in weight.

Spawning of a salmon.

the Salmon treats fish through passage. Spawns in the fall and in the winter, cases of spawning of a salmon during the spring and summer periods are less often known. During spawning schools of fish leave to the rivers on which rise against the current by impressive distances. Usually the school of fish moves on the rivers with a strong current, preferring the deep water, overcoming at the same time various obstacles as thresholds for example, with enviable dexterity. At the time of spawning, when passing the rivers, the salmon practically ceases to be fed, and lives only due to the saved-up earlier fatty deposits. For this reason fish considerably grows thin, and her meat becomes lightish and less tasty.

During the spawning period the salmon undergoes also external changes. It is expressed in change of color on darkly - opaque, and on all body and the head spots of red color appear. On the lower jaw the hryashchik who sticks out up grows. Such changes at males are the most noticeable.

If spawning gets on the oseena - the winter period, then after spawning males go back to the seas, and females remain in the place of spawning where till spring will protect the laid caviar. Caviar usually masks in the ground pebble covered with small stones. On spring appears to grind who will live in the river of a year more three, and even all four then she will also go on the rivers to the sea. Eat a semushata generally insects, small small fishes and Crustacea.

Than and on what to catch a salmon.

the Salmon as you already understood from the description, is quite large fish. At a vyvazhivaniye shows desperate resistance that considerably adds passion to fishers. It is possible to catch this fish a spinning, on the live bait, a float rod. During the winter period the method of a steep blesneniye on a mormyshka will approach. As a bait muckworms, a maggot, 20 - 30 gram rotating spinner are quite suitable. When catching by a spinning the spinner needs to be carried out slowly almost at the bottom of a reservoir. Such way demands either good knowledge of a reservoir, or a decent stock of spinners. Modern spinners are often equipped with protection against hooks that in turn influences also their cost.

When catching salmon will be not so superfluous to study the legislation on this subject. On the Kola Peninsula or in Karelia, for example, its catching is strictly licensed and allowed only on certain sites of the semuzhny rivers. In the Leningrad area its fishing long time was forbidden, the situation is unknown to me today.

What to prepare from a salmon.

the Salmon in mustard sauce.

Preparation of ware. In a bright sunny day it is necessary to wash up and put properly a glass 3-liter jar (banks) on the sun for some time, for 2 - 4 hours.

Training of fish. At that time while banks are calcinated on the sun, fish needs to be washed, cleaned and drawn. Then the internal cavity of a carcass is dry wiped. Fish is sliced and later keeps within in prepared to bank.

We do marinade. boils water in the necessary quantity. It is necessary to put salt, sugar, onions, pepper, a carnation and bay leaf in boiled water. To mix and leave for some time to cool down almost to room temperature. Then vinegar and mustard powder is added to marinade to taste.

Actually, dish. Marinade is filled in in bank with the fish prepared by slices, to bank it is densely closed and we put in the refrigerator, a table, buried that is. It is possible to start pleasure the turned-out dish already through a two-three of days. Meat at a salmon very tasty, zhirnovaty and gentle. Do not miss such opportunity: in shops of it not to buy!