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Whether it is worth giving the son in Nakhimov voyenno - sea school?

Ya I consider that the answer to the question posed unambiguous: costs, and still as costs. And I so think not because I am his graduate but because there are huge advantages in comparison with ordinary school, especially for future man.

I will begin with the fact that I will quash rumor that the Nakhimov, Suvorov or cadet Naval School is three years of the lost childhood: it is the sheer LIE. Why? I will explain it on own example.

Upon termination of the eighth class of high school in the city of Slavyansk-na-Kubani I went to come to NVMU in the city of St. Petersburg. My schoolmates and their parents did not understand me, but to me was all the same because though I and was 14 years old, but I already had outlooks on life. Parents did not dissuade me because knew - it is useless.

Further I arrived, and began fighting everyday life . Of course, it was at first very heavy. Only present: the boy who only finished 8 - y a class leaves from the house to the far city where there are neither parents, nor relatives moreover and in a military college with all requirements which are attached to it. I had a strong nostalgia on the house, and even thoughts to be deducted. But it lasted not for long because already in half a year advantages which did me on " began to appear; a cut above my peers and schoolmates.

As this article is limited on volume, I will not paint everything in detail, I will write only in brief about those advantages which I got in three years of training.

In - the first, I became very independent and steady practically to any vital difficulties and obstacles, and it is very important presently.

In - the second, I learned what is the true man`s friendship and men`s collective, namely: mutual assistance, honesty, readiness to share the last piece of bread, responsibility to collective etc., what at usual school when you do not test.

In - the third, there were very good, loving teachers who treated us as to own children and gave excellent knowledge; for example, it was a shame to me not to learn before them some lesson.

In - the fourth, while my schoolmates idled at home, we were driven on various museums, research institutes, conservatories, theaters and other interesting and well-known places. Thanks to it my horizons were broadened every day.

In - the fifth, in school we were given very good physical training. For example, practically all pupils were taught to float different styles, etc.

In - the sixth, we had many additional sections, such as the chorus (the head Yury Remizov, the winner of the international awards, trained in all the famous grandson of Edyta Piekha Stas Piekha), was also airclub where everyone was learned to steer the YAK piston plane - 18 t, and periodically there were educational flights by the second pilot (I flew too), and also jumps with parshyuty.

And still we were learned to go on the boat and under a sail, to knit sea knots etc., etc.

In general, of course, byloyeshchyo is a lot of what interesting and informative, there is just not enough place; but it seems to me, you already had to draw the corresponding conclusions.

I can add to end that it were the best years of my childhood, and I yet never regretted that I finished the Nakhimov military college. And if I had to repeat the course of life anew, I surely there again would arrive.

Thanks that read my article. I wish all good luck.