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The main question of mankind

Mikhail Shchelkonogov


the Pupil needs Ideas.

to the Teacher - Understanding.

BEGINNING. We were defined by

in understanding of Unity and Dualism of the Universe. In it an events Essence what the huge and (or) microscopic sizes were not reached. We found out THAT there is life, understood the place and prospects of Mankind. And all - first of all own Destiny interests each of us. It is fair because only the happy person can and has to work fully for the public good. In realization of the Calling, in cooperation with people, it has an opportunity to repay debts .

Find the Star.

A hundredfold returning those forces and time which were spent for identity development. As it to make


to Find and return. Very serious question. We will come to the answer, having finished the second year. Preparation, basic knowledge is necessary. We as first graders, have to learn the multiplication table. Having acquired, we will pass to quadratic equations. Also we will approach so gradually explanation of our essence, everyone the, lives. In initial lectures we will send you to future material. Then to refer to earlier passed. It will allow you to synthesize independently, as necessary, lectures in the uniform Theory.

the Century live, a century study.

The natural desire of instant actions is dangerous.

Excessive activity - the greatest Evil.

You, without owning completeness of knowledge, you can damage to yourself on the Way.

do not do much harm.

We understand complexity of perception puteysky information without personal contact. No book is capable to replace the Living Word.

What to do? We are so far from each other. In Way, we know from experience, difficult first ten years, and then you get used... We meet halfway to you, make also you Effort. Courageously experience all difficulties as natural disaster safely cross through misunderstanding as inevitable evil and, having finished thinking, test pleasure of creativity.

Take heart, the worst - ahead.

It is proud forward! Life demands constant efforts. All of us have forces and time. For it do not worry.

Great works are created by persistence.

Your greatest work which chance of creation is given by the Solar Way sounds very simply:

of Az Esm.

A way to Sebha, to Conscience, to People, to the World.

If people listened to the heart

the Way soft, gentle and rigid, exacting - Solar. Today our happy day, we together. So we will take the following Step.

I was light... Extensively the Universe parts of the Absolute scattered. To live - to work - to create life. Everyone was given the House, the Star. We call ours Earth. There were people.

Everyone has to plow the field.

It was long ago... 350 million (plus-minus) of terrestrial years.

Where Souls leave?

To what cities?

I where to find to us means,

again to get there?

Present race - the generation is much younger. Let`s tell, 80 million - we will not be mistaken. The main thing not in it, and in that as as occurred further.


Mankind began to be equipped on Earth. Everything was created by work of the hands.


All ingenious is simple. The impetus to Creation was given by the Absolute.

the Creator Vsego Sushchego Yavil to Zhiznetvoryashchuyuidey - LYUBOV.

Energy - Structure -

Matter Life - Work - Creativity

Honesty - Respect - Sincerity

the Huge heated sphere the Mankind should equip the LAW of LOVE

. And Work continues still.

We found out that Lyubov is a Work. Where there are no efforts, there is nothing to speak. Let`s keep this tradition. She will allow us to understand in many respects and to sort things out. It is natural that our model is not full. Only three lines and three columns, but initially, we think, it is enough. In volume of this work we will analyse concepts necessary to us on three coordinates from the point of view of Work. So...

the Whole World is in power dynamic balance. Let`s remember all the known communicating vessels. We can quantitatively assume - qualitative interrelation. Any changes of the quantitative characteristic inevitably lead to high-quality changes. At the same time energy lump - matters - a constant. A conclusion follows that changes are possible only in an intermediate state, namely in structure. It is a hard way. Potential energy under the laws " defined (further); took root in chaotic matter. What initially, we will notice, chicken or egg? The answer is obvious: both that, and another appeared at the same time and was waiting in the wings of the shown realization. Structure, an order, information, laws, the principles and so on - an essence same. It is same subject called by us differently, the essence of process remained invariable. We have to be defined by

in concepts,

differently we will cease to understand each other soon.

One of bridges connecting energy and matter - the Principle of the Positive straight line and feedback.

Everything that you will give, a hundredfold will return.

And the transformed matter organized in a new way returns a large amount of energy. Further ability to reproduce energy was defined as the Reproduction Instinct. Energy, apparently, is life. The received quantity came to substance again, anew organized, again received, and business went. The periods of introduction of the received energy took certain time. Time - the same energy - is necessary for reorganization and the preparatory period. The kvantovannost of changes was noticed, it is simpler - gradualness of evolutionary development. Progress went jumps. High-quality changes also are reproduced many energy. Changes are slow only from the point of view of limited human life. Sluggishness - only seeming shortcoming lives. It is connected with Earth scale. Energy of our body is insignificant in comparison with the mass of the planet, naturally, the speed of course of vital processes above. We fuss. The main thing to understand that the Essence of our life and life of the planet is UNIFORM.

Just like.

Equipping Earth face, the mankind prepared appearance of the Personality in the form in which We are now. It is necessary to understand that:

1) Transformation of Earth went not by a paltsetykaniye method .

2) Any fight was not - joint work of energy and matter.

3) Everyone plowed the planet - mankind everything did.


the Organization of the Worlds - mineral, vegetable, animal - took its course, being prepared qualitatively and quantitatively for appearance of the homo sapiens.

the World of minerals, possessing a huge variety, it is structurally uniform. It is possible to calculate amount of energy of a stone on weight. This energy is not alien to us because we are connected energetically with all planet. People noticed and described properties and interference of a stone and the person for a long time. Mascots.

Flora also at all specific variety is same. The essence of all forest area can be understood on any birch.

Behind a tree of the wood does not see.

In the nature there is no place to hospitality. But also there is no fight for life. In total economy works for the good of life.

Any flea is not bad.

Fauna. Without having abstract thinking, completely copes instincts. Ours dark past. In the lecture Instincts... . As on power essence this world - our cradle, animals give in to training easier.

do not offend brothers smaller.

Having defined natural selection, we missed other party of a medal - artificial (spiritual and intellectual) selection.

was taken For a basis of creation of the person fauna. The minimum distinction between the person and a monkey is explained by it. The quantum leap in evolution inevitably caused change of quantitative characteristics. The world preceding appearance of the person sank into oblivion. As it is difficult to find traces on sand. And whether it is necessary? Empty.

Appeared the Face. Personality. Individual.

Relativity demanded creation of two parties of one medal.

of People is a fruit, razjyaty in half.

I everywhere, here or there,

everything a half tries to find another...

There were Adam and Eve. As we saw, all terrestrial world took part in the birth, and we speak: Mother Earth . The father Nebesny - mankind, the previous races.

shows the Fact of an edge of Adam to us:

1) Indissoluble unity of the man and woman, considering identity of everyone.

2) Quantitative equality - use of the same matter.

3) Qualitative equality - one hands creation and in at one time.

4) Lack of fight between them - cooperation in opposite spheres: the woman is Mother, the man - the Father, - creation similar.

5) Flexibility, plasticity, ability to changes of a human body, a potential opportunity to an evolyutsionirovaniye.

6) Sil, endurance, ability to a survival in the environment of natural selection.

7) Wisdom, reason, ability to thinking, abstract thinking for a survival in the environment of artificial selection.

8) Nobility - connection between generations, transmission of energy and information from hand to hand in centuries.

is cheerful, isn`t that so?

You use works not of the hands...

Miracle of emergence of life. Child`s birth. The shown Soul - visible power substance. From the birth capable to create, having abstract thinking, owning all opportunities to knowledge. The person receives all materiality of the World, in particular, own body for power food of the spiritual and intellectual growth. Misunderstanding of an essence of a task leads to the tragedy.

Life behind life...

At a stick two ends.

The Yin - Yan . Let`s call white - death and black - life . Remarkable reasonings on calmness in death, about delights of the soul which escaped from " prisons; a material body, are defeated utterly at the moment following delight. That not clear black point - quality loss - lack of energy which Mother - the earth gives, impossibility of power growth on an evolution scale. And the person, without having been in time to die right there dreams to be born again. Having appeared in black having received what dreamed of, faces a problem of each person. Spiritual loneliness in vertical communication with the Absolute. The second party of a medal - spiritual loneliness in the human world.

Imperfection of language - a language barrier - did not stop people in aspiration and draft to each other. There were first rudiments of the public. A family - the first and most important possibility of the solution of a question of physical, intellectual and spiritual loneliness.

called Association of families further the tribe. At each of tribes the territory, the traditions, the way of existence and knowledge of the world. Difficulty of communication, isolation in an inner world of community led to denial of other forms of public associations, to non-recognition of their right for existence, to wars and shocks. And only horrors of war made sober the heads, led to negotiations, to peaceful resolution of the similar conflicts. But the generation which was not knowing war came and everything came back into place .

Development of humanity is searches of the Theory of the MEASURE in everything. From century to century there was an accumulation of information, and for a long time it became known that problem sources between soul (energy) and a body (matter) are in the structure uniting them - reason of the person.

In turn, ability of the person to thinking, to understanding of itself and similar is defined by individual and social habitat.

Development of a noosphere caused the necessity of division of labor because the huge number of time and forces was required to achieve professionalism in this or that area. For receiving the end result cooperation of all segments of the population, irrespective of a difference of cultures, traditions was required. Similar association enriched each of the parties, mutual mistrust or unwillingness, irrespective of the reasons, contact rejected mankind in hunger, poverty and absolutely fairly was considered as Divine punishment.

Love cannot be ordered.

The person agrees to endure the hardships of life as necessary and absolutely justified evil, perceiving corporal restriction of spirit as a payment for happiness to live. BUT! Any living being will not suffer violence, restriction from similar, same as it, beings. And, therefore, does not recognize its superiority in something.


The love to work is love to people.

It is valid what we did, we do for people. It is not important that. In the history the remained work fact for a garbage can is not known. Such work always came to an end is deplorable. Therefore, it is important HOW it is made. With what relation! (More in details - in the lecture Theory of the Relations ) . On our affairs people take out judgments of us.

of People is given rise for creation, and is never tired of work. Toils only from inaction. We are bothered monotonous and as we consider, by senseless work. Under duress we work with

, agreeing to all appearances, and in fact we do not observe a measure. And results of similar work collapse in the eyes. As a result, descendants are forced to create everything once again.

Life of any generation is full-fledged as the concept " is full-fledged; person . Soul, reason, body. Symbiosis light and dark began. One without another is impossible and it is senseless. A question - in our art of the competent choice. And, really, in everything there are strong also weaknesses. The loneliness in society results in independence and independence in decision-making. On the other hand, results in uselessness in the world of people, to mutual misunderstanding. Orientation to opinions of people around will cause polyphony and loss of spiritual ancestors.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

To save the inner world from temptations, it is possible to defend spiritual priorities if the accurate and clear choice is accepted.

Uncertainty of the outside world resists any intervention, and the person is waited by overcoming of this resistance. The individual perception of the world complicates a task. Nobody looked at the world from this point of view earlier and felt it quite so. Therefore any look enriches and is invaluable.

the Purpose dictates means.

of Means define the purpose.

There is a lot of us on the earth, and all of us take part in creation of life. We think, we feel individually and every second we specify ways of development of community. Therefore any personal purposes are unattainable.


Impossibility of Preliminary VISION of the future - the major GIFT to mankind. Freedom of choice of the destiny. In total in our hands. For this reason the person has the right to be called with - the creator.

No matter, as began life.

Is important how finished.

And means gain the predominating value. The education given us and education is leveled by personal aspirations. Thirst for this or that carries, as a rule, unconscious, sensual character. Achievement of the objectives, put in the childhood, disappoints the grown mind. The choice of just means of perception of the world allows the person to be on first line lives. Allows it to realize the internal potential of aspirations completely.

the Individual way of development - the personal responsibility - defines gravity of a question.


the Most important task is called a way of self-knowledge. The mankind is interested in poyavleniye and development of individuals.

There are a lot of invited, it is not enough elite.

Creative approach to life demands constant efforts. In any second. Physical work, thanks to monotony, helps to achieve symmetry of thought. Conscious spirituality - overcoming of stagnancy of matter - spiritual work. Creativity in everything, achievement of the maximum tension of trinity of essence. Such way demands huge concentration of thought, spiritual keenness, physical health. But it, a way, also cultivates all these qualities. Through spirituality of work everything comes back to people.


the Analysis of aspirations of the previous generations allowed to isolate important regularity. Impossibility to Manage in Walking, in way. The personality is given free rain in the choice.

Everyone chooses on himself...

Experience shows that the person will achieve only what he considers necessary in life, or the fact that it is necessary for it for life. Arguing on something, the person pronounces possible options and estimates the plans for reaction of people around. As it will arrive actually, nobody knows, even he. Because circumstances of future events are unknown.

of People assumes,

and God has.

Without people it is impossible to live, as well as with them. Each of us has to have a place where it is possible to stay alone with himself. But also the circle of contacts where understand is necessary and share your point of view.

On spirit unite.

The person - the feeling being. Our sense organs react to the external irritants bearing energy. Any incentives bring an organism out of emotional balance and break a comfortable state of mind. The aspiration to return to power dynamic balance - the Self-preservation Instinct - compels us or to argue the point of view, or to leave the place of communication. In society we constantly face people. Each person bears the system of cultural wealth - attitudes and outlooks. In the course of communication we feel a difference of an energy potential between our and found to us values.

What means to be a creator of own destiny?

not to run away from this meeting. We can, so have to, having overcome spiritual laziness, to adopt all valuable that is born by this personality.

measure Question.

I begin difficulties here.

Where to find the theory explaining personally to me: How has to be? What is going on? Who is guilty? What to do?

Where to find the theory considering my age, sex, education, education?

Where to find the theory considering traditions of my country, a family, companions and colleagues?

Where to find the theory capable to combine development of the external and internal Worlds and explaining:

As in what volume it is possible to accept not to break integrity of the personality?

That, from whom and when to accept not to introduce by means of work ruin to the world?

How to answer questions: where, when that why and why me, with my internal history, in this, and also to accept other moment of my life for the Identity Benefit?

How to answer questions: where, when that why and why me, with my external history, in this, and also to return other moment of development of society by means of work for the Mankind Benefit?

Is congratulated!

you met the Theory...