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What is NZ for the car?

the Car - quite difficult organism, and in something it is similar to human. The vehicle also needs leaving and careful control of the main systems. Breakages, failure in way not a rarity. Then, there on roads it is possible to see the cars standing on a roadside with the included emergency signal or somehow still sending a mayday call (also the electronic system sometimes fails). At timely passing of technical inspection and necessary check before departure (level of liquids in the engine, pressure level in tires and other) similar troubles can be avoided. If it was not succeeded to prevent them, then existence in the car peculiar NS (necessary stock) considerably will facilitate your life.

What has to be there? The author writes only on the basis of the experience, everyone can have it different .

1. The fact that it is possible to call conditionally of Liquid , in small, optimum amounts.

Cooling, brake without fail as the lack of one of them can is very deplorable to be reflected in life of passengers. Omyvatelny it is also desirable to have, especially in dirty season. Dirty glass never before improved the review to the driver.

2. The fact that it is possible to call rules oblige .

is a fire extinguisher on an ignition case; the sign of an emergency stop still called by a triangle. The last is necessary in order that cars in due time took all actions for the safe movement and made maneuver according to a road situation. The first-aid kit for delivery of health care. A towing cable, it is desirable new or not strongly worn-out. It is necessary for transportation of the stopped transport to the next what it is necessary (it can be gas station, the house or station of repair).

3. Different trifles which are not deadly, but are desirable.

of the Match, lighter or portable small lamp. Are necessary at night or when it is necessary to kindle a fire (it to matches).

the Hatchet - for a fire or cutting of trees with the subsequent their podkladyvaniye under wheels or use as the lever.

the Jack - car raisings. It is necessary not only for replacement of the punctured wheel, but also sometimes for a vylezaniye from deep holes (it is good in a tandem with a hatchet).

If you well know the engine and own skills on small repair, then it will be useful to have various driving belts. They can be also used by those who stopped to you to help.

the Pump for inflating of tires. Opinions differ here, pumps there are two essentially different: eating from an onboard network or based on the muscular strength of the person. There is a matter of taste, it is only important to remember that the onboard network eats from gasoline, and him can be just barely enough.

the Canister with gasoline. Liters 5 will be enough approximately for 50 - 100 km, and it often is enough to find gas station. Or to help the risen car at which fuel reached a limit.

Other trifles is Even better than

if you know problems and trick of the car, and respectively select under them the NZ, in itself it (NZ) takes the place in a luggage carrier and weighs not that a little. And the more car weight, the more at it is fuel consumption on one kilometer of a way.

Good luck to you in way, and use your necessary stock less often!