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How to preserve nerves and money, changing windows?

Not so in attempt to preserve heat and not to freeze all population amicably sealed up long ago windows for the winter, and so amicably washed away in the spring the pasted paper strips. The unconditional advantage of it was: windows washed, at least, two times a year. But laziness - the progress engine. With arrival on the market in far 50 - x the last century of windows from PVC with the double-glazed windows allowing to avoid the annual compelled procedures, traditional frames began slow, but steady retreat.

Gradually enthusiastic responses ceased, along with pluses of new material also minuses became obvious. The people remembered natural materials, double-glazed windows in wooden frames appeared. The new wave of fashion raised their price of considerable height. Also shortcomings were again bared, and new offers appeared again. Truth somewhere nearby. Experts predict new boom - this time vinilovo - wood window profiles which, in principle, have to combine the best qualities of predecessors, having at the same time got rid of the worst.

Time will tell. But the speech not about advantages or shortcomings of this or that profile. Of what you would not choose material for replacement in the apartment of traditional wooden frames, production and installation of new windows can turn into serious test. And not only for a purse, but also for nervous system.

That the global project on improvement of quality of the dwelling was realized with the minimum costs, I offer several useful recommendations.

Only experts have to make measurement of a window. What idle time this procedure would not seem, consequences of mistakes can be very expensive. Conferring on itself responsibility for the wrong measurements, you risk own purse.

Check work of experts - measurers. the Window opening has to be measured not only from within, but also outside. The situation when these sizes are different is quite probable.

Signing the contract with the supplier, surely stipulate delivery time , and not just date.

Do not charge installation of windows to anybody, except the manufacturer. In - the first, the manufacturer knows the production better, and will perform works on installation taking into account its features. In - the second, at approach of a guarantee case the manufacturer and the fitter will accuse each other, and extreme will be a consumer.

Personally be present at installation.
Track that the fixture was not really hard, otherwise the profile can be curved. The external external seam between a wall and a frame has to be sealed before installation of shutters and double-glazed windows.

Gaps between a wall and a frame are filled in with foam and than to others. its drying has to happen at the closed windows and a balcony. It is possible to continue works only in a day after a zapenivaniye.

Stipulate installation of otliv and slopes in the contract. Differently should be paid much more expensively. And without them - a window not a window.

Adjustment is carried out several days later after installation when the " window; will sit down into place. It has to be in the contract too, otherwise will not wait for the master. Tightness and convenience of use depend on quality of adjustment.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Ask the master to show how the accessories work, he is obliged to explain everything intelligibly and detailed.

Good luck. Warmth and silences in your apartments.