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How to control the money? Expenses. Part 1

Some things persistently attract attention... Earlier somehow there was enough general idea about rates of inflation, but now it became interesting that occurs in life. I, frankly speaking, am interested a little the events reasons because knowledge this idle. Other idea arose. It is far more interesting to try to measure own, family inflation... Actually, if my experiment works well, then in further investment calculations I will be able to use for discounting not average temperature over the country and individual coefficient. You look and to save will be more handy.

Blog F. Rublyova on Mail. Having found out ru

that my own calculations coincide with Rublyov`s opinion almost completely, I thought of calculations too. But though in the name of article there is also an accent on filthy lucre actually the idea consisted in another. It was thought to me that just does not notice many serious expenditure of people, never expressing them in calculating object equivalent. In computer games the player sees it how many he at him remained health, resources, its communications with other characters how many hours to the end of the game are how good. The mechanics of real life is much more difficult that it could be counted in this way. As the same Rublyov writes, ... in practice to construct strict dependence happens not easy. Why? Yes because life even more often forces to think of us of the relative categories .

But it is worth trying all the same! Only not absolutely as offers the " magazine; Finance and in a different way and in more detail.

Stage first. Scheme an asset - a passive . Balance sheets.

Stage purpose : to express all property and primary activities in a numerical equivalent, awaking such lead to additions / expenditure of money.

Relation : the main thing not to perceive it as a superserious problem total and thorough calculation of all and not to perceive it as restriction of freedom. I, as well as many, do not like to drive the life in a framework tsifir and accounts departments. But it is also not required, truly? I will just play with figures, I will pass the interesting " test; What your income . Couple of evenings, about ten scrawled sheets, the wife tortured by questions and as a result - some figures in Eksel. Hurrah! I will show now how it turned out.

1. First step quite simple: I painted with the resources by R. Kiyosaki`s method . It was necessary to strain and remember a little what things bring in the income and what - take away money. And on the first step I took money and only money into account. Towards emotion. I am the big calculator...

What there are sources : the house, the apartment, the car, work, children, relatives, the credits, the earth, actions, funds, patents, copyright, business, any liquid large goods, any actions connected with money, expenses on the road (I always forget).

should not think: Children are my future because who, except them, will take care of me in 20 years?

It seems : Now I spend for one child on average about 7000 rub a month .

should not think: The Car gives me the chance everywhere to be in time and therefore I do more and I receive " more;.

It seems : The Cost of gasoline, oil, spare parts, penalties and the parking costs me 3900 rub a month .

After I vysnit, chtopochy all sources of the income and expenses had to be distributed in 2 lists: profitable things - in Asset expensive - in Passive .

2. Opposite to each source in both lists I put down its market value . Counted so: if the source precisely cannot be sold - put 0 if it is not sure that with guarantee I will be able to gain for it money - took an average on the city / market, and if it was sure - put the exact price. It turned out approximately so:

car Toyota Vitz 2004 1. 6 340 thousand km. 380000 rub ;

child 1 (conditional name Dima ) it is invaluable (0 rub) ;

a collection of coins of the Central Bank of 2001 of 5380 rub ;

the credit for the car, 26 more months remained to - 247800 rub (minus - because it the credit);

work - the driver of a minibus of 2000 rub (a farewell gift which was promised by the chief to the one who leaves);

a rent, gas, water, el - in, the Internet of 0 rub (0 rub - because cost kvartplat zero. Not to sell them to me.) ;

apartment 2k. The center, the 4th floor, 56 sq.m of 3512000 rub - give today.

It was run according to the list, it appeared, forgot a lot of things: computer, refrigerator, sofa. It was necessary to enter. All this, of course, does not bring in the income, but and expenses periodically demands, and decays over time. Means, depreciation, so expenses. So it was necessary to enter in the list in general more and more - less large property which I own - all at the cost more than 10000 rub. At the second stage it is useful.

3. Well and actually report. Opposite to each source I delivered to its monthly income / expense . For the following reasons: the income is, for example, a salary, dividends and assignments, the expense is a kvarplata, costs of food and clothes, taxes, study, entertainments, etc.:

car Toyota Vitz 2004 1. 6 340 thousand km. - 3900 rub ;

child 1 (conditional name Dima :) - 6800 rub ;

a collection of coins of the Central Bank of 2001 of 0 rub ;

the credit for the car, 26 more months remained to of 0 rub (I will explain further, why so);

work - the driver of a minibus of 15 000 rub ;

a rent, gas, water, el - in, the Internet - 2300 rub ;

apartment 2k. Center, 4th floor, 56 sq.m. - 400 rub are clear to

Already now: it is more expensive sources, than profitable. Here on it I will also build the strategy.

Then Total calculated: total cost of assets and liabilities, general expense, total income, total result. Podnapryagla figures, something very much is a lot of I, it appears, I spend for things which never considered important. Well, I will understand further, I not only will operate with money - I which - that thought up more interestingly.

Stage second. Investments and perspective thinking.