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Where we are pulled by globalization?

every day to live In this world to become more cheerful. And everything, why: one planet. There is no another such on light. And if is, then we, at least, know nothing about it. Though the hope somewhere glimmers. Or perhaps it is not hope at all, and something to it opposite?

Anyway, we have no facts about our not lonely existence in dimensionless space of the Universe. And therefore people agreed process, as a result all people of Earth become each other closer, to call globalization (though it was possible to adopt the term ", say; universialization : from English universe - Universe ) .

But it is possible to name anything and any. The main thing that for this purpose there were though some bases. In other words, if the game is worth the candle. If it is not that case, then air to rend big words of a foreign-language origin which in an essence of a question of the person can cause an attack of admiration of the level of education and erudition in the profane person there is nobody the individual, it does not make sense.

When we speak about globalization, I assure you, the game turns out sound, and its quality grows not on hours, and already, probably, on minutes. Today a lot of things became possible what even not so long ago just it was not thought even to talented dreamers with an experience of. Also it is impossible to point to one or two areas of public life which would be responsible for all this process. Global - it and on scales that, i.e. on number of the involved people, spheres of activity etc.

We come into shop and we find on counters not only native and familiar, but also goods of overseas preparation. The Cook - " Coca; if we will start talking about food, here for a long time got monasteries of such mascot of internationalization. Without being limited only a miracle - water of the secret structure, we can declare with confidence: one of aspects of globalization is standardization of culinary preferences of people of Earth. It is possible to forget about national cuisine quite really if every day to eat the fast food which became the simple and rendered habitable reality.

And the concept of taste within process of globalization undergoes changes which are noticeable not only in borders of needs of nature of the person. Clothes, behavior, communication, tenor of life - all this become such monotonous that to define a nationality of the person as it could be made half a century more back, represents difficulty sometimes from the category perfect and precisely someone specially prepared.

In economic life, in the sphere of business, business relations the path to unification is also laid rather actively, but to try to see something unnatural in it and representing swing of someone`s hand on sacred and untouchable even less people, than in a case with the same food will dare. If the bargaining goes if the country receives a prize from a favorable exchange of goods and services with the rich countries of this world - that why acceptance for these purposes of uniform rules of conducting game under the name business has to cause sidelong glances? Another matter if the foreign trade balance does not install optimistic impressions of ability of your country to remain in plus in the conditions of the equal bargaining with next and not only the countries.

The phenomenon of globalization cannot be understood fully if not to note transfer and respectively acceptance of values as its component. The side existing earlier with more accurately traced line of a watershed between the East and the West as two harmoniously combined universe halves mercilessly is erased. And it were always halves which, being connected, allowed to admire variety of the existing life forms. There are serious doubts regarding reversibility of transition to monotony.

To what everything goes? To the world without borders. To the world where all brothers, about the nations remained only the numerous, but any more actual mentions (which are rather memoirs) in the press. To the world, where each person - the citizen of this international education. The person who is surprisingly similar to others same as he, the victims of history and progress. However, why victims, but not lucky? All put on in a similar manner, eat same, communicate, react to external irritants in the same way. One as everything, and unanimously.

Here it is only necessary to understand: whether it is necessary to us? No, the world without borders - it is healthy. But whether it is not too healthy? One business when borders are liquidated with the good purpose to allow to enjoy variety of the world to everyone as the full inhabitant of the planet, native for it, which he wants to know better, and absolutely another when barriers are removed that as a result of this variety did not become. History and culture of all nations and the people - too big luxury that it could be put for doubtful freedom which is rather similar to enslavement: in the multiroom apartment in which you can enjoy unique style of registration of each room suggest to demolish walls, to place everything in a new way in one big room formed of the apartment just because so it is more convenient .

But it will want back, to old kind then, when the point of reversibility will be passed. And what? Let`s live in the new world, to create, dream and honor new traditions.

The main thing that their violation and violent drowning in Leta in itself did not become tradition. It is always easier to break