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What stands behind a generation gap?

are Not a lot of now people to whom has to learn about existence of stumbling blocks of various size on the joint way of parents and children only from acquaintances or from tireless TV - box . Specifics of a problem are that she wanders from generation to generation and there is, thus, obviously not one century. Though representatives of the senior generation say quite often that earlier not so was .

It is clear. And the sky was more blue, and the sun shone much more brightly, the grass - and that it seems as was more green. But those who din into the child that orders not correct now that the morals are lost, and therefore are the bases, appear, to worry for you, the sonny (daughter) as if would forget that something similar in life they already had an opportunity to observe. However, a difference that present parents then played a role of this silly little chap, which, despite all their attempts to teach his mind - reason, all the same that that wolf who constantly looks at the wood.

In an image of the wood the disco, the company of friends and other attributes of life of youth often acts. At them on all the, advanced a look, in principle other than the way which was outdate much to estimate all world surrounding us which armed parents. The disagreement of the professed points of view, fundamental difference in approaches is, it appears, the most probable cause of emergence of an immemorial problem. From where, it is asked, then this divergence grows? It is possible to look at this question differently.

For a reference point in search of the answer to the question Why there are conflicts between different generations? it would be desirable to take the following supervision: in the itself considered problem is termless, i.e. has no rigid binding to any historical period. Curiously it turns out, however: a permanent link of seniors on the shots which are earlier finished shooting by life with the invariable comment - reminiscence that, say, was in a different way " earlier; it turns out equivalent to the statement that best of all was to primitive people. Though bases to assume that in far times children honored the law and rules transferred to them by parents, enough really more: let`s remember a religion role in life of society couples centuries ago and it is comparable with its current state and the public status.

Further. The divergence in the estimates given by representatives of different generations can follow quite logically from change of the relation of the person to life in the course of accumulation of life experience by it. However, also other case is possible: over the years many individuals become more hypochondriac, and therefore are inclined to take an utter nonsense for danger. It is impossible to deny a possibility that, maturing, the person begins to feel more and more intensively nostalgia on former times, therefore, unfairly idealizes many places in the past and estimates them differently, than he did it at the time of the youth. On this basis nearly the confidence is born that youth of the past (they are his age-mates, friends, messmates etc.) favourably differed from present.

In general, to absolutize bezmoralnost youth at least it is imprudent because, in - the first, it is impossible to speak in an identical key about all on the basis of age criterion, in - the second, it can be equally well charged to youth of former years. At all times (even most pure from the moral point of view) and at all people found a haven practically all defects peculiar to the person today.

One of factors of an observed gap in world outlooks of the senior and younger generations is and scientifically - the technical progress increasing number of points of discrepancy in interests and aspirations of people of different age. One behind one the appearing novelties in the sphere of high technologies to which people of mature age do not hurry (do not want? cannot?) to get used, it is free or involuntarily force young people to think of themselves with an underlined prevozneseniye of beautiful it is necessary everyone and everything.

We cannot but consider in our reasoning and such circumstance: life of mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers in itself becomes sedate, measured, loses that dynamics with which life young radiates. It, in turn, creates additional prerequisites for formation of a dissonance in understanding of life in general and its separate parts. Life at speed, in a circle of vigorous and mobile people, on the contrary, causes the specifics peculiar to outlook of this group of people. Speed of the movement on Road of Life directly influences understanding of the world the specific person.

It is possible to say about youth that it gold, advanced in many respects, is associated with more and more high level of development and those purposes which young men and girls set before themselves at the very beginning of the introduction on the thorny road which is called life. It is possible to note a role of progress thanks to which including there is opportunity today to speak about a notable difference in behavioural samples of young people of the beginning of the 21st century, and, say, 80 - x years or 60 - x years of the 20th century. However at everything at the same time we cannot deny that the people who lived obviously more ambitious and everywhere trying to be in time, have a clear advantage - life experience which comes only over time.

As you can see, this problem - matter thin and difficult. The durability peculiar to the conflicts of fathers and children, probably, has to convince us that it is similar to a reality which needs to be accepted. So was, is and will be from now on because obvious transformations in human nature, capable to change a situation on a root, it was not noticed. But it is all the same possible to accept a reality differently.

Understanding naturalness of the arising disagreements, it is necessary to try to make efforts for understanding other party. THEY act this way obviously not because took and agreed. Besides, to see things differently does not mean all fibers of soul to seek for preservation of such state of affairs or, it is more of that, to try to make the available divergence still big, isn`t it?

One to us the road is fated to go