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Whether lectures became obsolete?

A lot of things in our life are perceived noncritically. Noncritically does not mean without criticism, and absence in similar perception at least by second reflections concerning why it and whether there is nothing more perfect, than habitual since the childhood, and therefore almost native is meant.

Here also since the childhood personally at me idea of higher educational institutions was formed of talk of parents on happy high school years in indissoluble communication of several words, somehow: " institute; students professors record book lectures . Whether it is worth being surprised to the fact that, having arrived and having become the student, I felt in the first days of stay in the Alma - a mater in a new old situation. What old is thanks to parents, and what new is no other than natural state to which each person is subject at the moments when the new stage of his life begins, and therefore involuntarily it is necessary to experience acquaintance to something really new, let and not completely others. However, agree to hear and be, not same.

But sooner or later we think of to what we managed to stick and often in such cases we can feel the most different feelings - from admiration nanovo opened and not beauty suspected earlier to the full disappointment threatening nearly with total withdrawal pains of the settled values and blasting a skeleton of the outlook created up to this point our life. I will not say that in this case your obedient servant was comprehended by one of two outlined extremes, however, to call in question an essence, value and sense of existence of the lectures which became a classical komponenty Soviet education system on the basis of which occurred and there is a development of the higher school in the Post-Soviet countries now, is already at least to throw down a challenge to stagnation of our consciousness. And, however, to think is about what

wants to tell At once that at discussion of the matter in any way not to bypass a factor of approach of the teacher to creation of educational process and the place of lectures in its concept of achievement of a main goal to which anyway everything is subordinated - transfer of knowledge to students (the truth, this purpose can be not only, and at times even not defining). A variety of approaches to construction can be experienced on their following set: to give (everything that it is necessary) at lectures - to ask on offset (examination) ; to read at lectures of a basis - the rest to provide on independent studying ; to assign all theory to independent studying and a practical training, and to devote lectures to real-life communication with audience ; to turn lectures into analog a press - conferences, answering questions to in advance set audience subject prepared on .

Apparently, each of four typified approaches of the lecturer to lecture as to the effective tool will carry the philosophy in hands of the teacher and is capable to allow achievement of the different purposes. Or perhaps per se to cancel lectures at all? It is one more approach, to the word. This option is spoken well, for example, by such circumstance as elementary cooling which danger to students is concealed by this form of carrying out occupations. Receiving ready, chewed material from lips of professor or teacher, the student loses motives to independent search, and skills of search of the required information initially in us are not put, and demand their acquisition and improvement.

Time which leaves on lecture reading could be used more rationally as, in the author`s opinion these lines, the prosizhivaniye in audience in a condition of passive perception of information is something being in a conflict with the concept rationality . Many for these and other reasons ignore lectures at all, and, it seems, nothing - hand over. Then, it is asked whether there is no everything that students are influenced within the first stage of a chain " by; lecture - a seminar - offset / examination a tradition tribute, a consequence and at the same time confirmation of tendency of human consciousness to a lag effect and aspirations is rather to static contemplation, than to dynamic creation?

On the other hand to speak about object it is one-sided - it is also manifestation of a lag effect of consciousness. And therefore we will not make this mistake. It is important to understand that lecture lecture discord. In this regard, refusal of lectures can be accompanied by that case when sticks just right discussion about underused and early the written-off resource. Here useful it will be diplomatic to nod towards the maestro at each concrete concert, i.e. about the person to whom reins of government are entrusted by the vehicle which it is necessary to the appointed term to the specified point, a letok of the changes which are carried out time in a semester the " station has to be last of which after five; Diploma . Preference of this or that way (from four mentioned) in each case in many respects depends on this maestro.

And a resource as it appears to use and use. It if intelligently. More precisely, with an appeal to this mind. As one professor, here all essence in at what level to get down to business - reproductive or developing told. In the first there takes place the majority of actions under a label Lecture which at the same time are accompanied by a monotonous soundtrack of slow movement in the lines sheltered on ten - the friend of sheets A4 of the text, serial leaving in one to them the known uncertainty of students, joint achievement obviously coincident for both training of the parties of the purpose involved in process - servings full time . Lecture whether you know, not costs, not goes, and term (that is training time) precisely goes.

Other feelings arose when on the first lecture professor with whom the destiny which showed favor brought together us for the next half-year brought not only the textbook, but also news to which to remain indifferent it was difficult: term term, and here lecture - discussion, dialogue of the teacher and students and development (the word, it not once repeated) is always please. However, term in interesting conversations flies painfully quickly. And so there is a wish to descend once again on lecture at which is what to be engaged.

Not the place paints the person, and the person the place