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How with the help the fan - Shui to eliminate negative factors in the house and the apartment? I described

In the previous articles, generally how to define and make active various zones (wealth, career, glory, a family, knowledge etc.) the house and office, without paying due attention to correction of negative. In this material there is a wish to consider in more detail these negative factors and to find ways of elimination them.

The fan - Shui in our apartment depends from the fan - Shui of our apartment house in which there is this apartment. The alternative in that case is practically not available for us. If there is a choice then, of course, follows to choose the house with good the fan - Shui.

The directed poisonous arrows sha ( corners of other buildings, the highway which is going straight to the house, passing near your house the high-voltage line, construction cranes etc.) always negatively affect a condition of your house . the Neighbouring houses have to be one height with in what you are going to live. If your house is between two high-rise buildings, then such neighbourhood adverse. Except for the house which stands behind such building protects your house, and the this building, the better for your house is higher.

It is good when the plan of your house has regular shape, square or rectangular. At - a figurative form it is created as if the power imbalance, is absent symmetry.

It is fine when around the house healthy green plantings, before an entrance a green lawn, and it would be still ideal when before a facade there would be a reservoir or the fountain. Still an important role is played by color, registration and shapes of a facade. Of course, it is very good if color of your house and color of your element coincide. In such house you will feel in the best way.

In the house or the apartment of a ladder have to be spacious and light, inflow of positive energy ( tsi) comes on a ladder. And here narrow ladders can become a source of negative sha . When ladder march opposite to your entrance door leaves up, it symbolizes success if down, it is failure. Also the arrangement opposite to your entrance door of an elevator door as salutary energy can « has an adverse effect; to flow out through this door.

Of course, for inhabitants of city apartments the fan - Shui in the apartment, is more important, than the fan - Shui of the general house. It is almost impossible to change external factors of the house for us.

Positive energy tsi has to flow freely from one room in another, from one part of the room in other part, without special obstacles. As I already spoke in the article about a hall, an entrance door of a hall has to conduct to the hall that you did not get directly to a drawing room. If there is no such opportunity then it is necessary to establish similarity of a screen at an entrance to form a hall. At a close hall inflow tsi , of course, will be limited. It is possible to change this situation by means of a mirror if to establish it in a hall (only not opposite to an entrance door), then the mirror as if will broaden the room.

When the entrance door is opposite to a toilet, it is necessary to make some adjustment. On a toilet door it is necessary to attach from within a foil (metal does not pass energy streams) and to hold this door, as well as a cover of a toilet bowl, closed. It is necessary to establish a hand bell » wind music; in the toilet so that to consider an element of this part of the apartment. For example: if this part western, then metal and hand bell metal, if east, that tree and hand bell wooden etc.

When opposite to an entrance door there is a window, salutary tsi , got to the apartment, right there will direct in this window. It is necessary to establish a screen here or to fence a way tsi a case. Windows in your apartments should not be too big as in that case by tsi it will be carried away rather through these windows, than to get inside.

Your apartment has to have such planning that which got inside tsi passed across all room, at the same time it is not desirable that it proceeded only on a straight line, its movement has to be slow and scattered. The worst planning - when there is the main entrance door and spare which is located on one straight line. In this case tsi directly directs at an emergency door and is not late in the apartment. However such situation can be corrected by means of some obstacle.

Still the adverse moment the arrangement more than two doors on one straight line (through rooms) is considered. Such doors cannot be held opened constantly.

In the apartment there has to be an order as tsi accumulates around blockages, stands and loses force. In rooms which do not use too energy tsi stands. Therefore it is recommended to air such rooms often.

It is necessary to exclude in the house sources sha . They proceed from acute angles of rooms or the furniture bared hinged beams on ceilings, separate columns. To neutralize these sources, it is necessary to put furniture so that corners were not directed to beds, chairs, working places where you spend a long time. At the same time it is possible to use houseplants, having arranged them directly on corners, hand bells « also approach; » wind music;. On ceiling beams and separate columns it is possible to hang up draperies, bamboo sticks or kristallik, also having arranged them on corners.

Multilevel apartments are less favorable. The matter is that in them the probability of that , that tsi, got through an entrance door, weakens, « is high; without knowing where to follow further. In such apartments the fan - Shui recommends to locate the dining room and kitchen above other rooms.

Of course, the ideal form of rooms, as well as an ideal form of the house, has to be square or rectangular. At - a figurative form of the room the fan - Shui recommends to hang up a mirror for a wall so that reflection as if to create its missing part.

It is recommended to arrange a bedroom and kitchen as it is possible further from an entrance door. And doors of a toilet and a bathroom should not be visible from a hall. When the bathroom and a toilet is in the center at home or apartments, it is not the best option. Ideal purity, order and good light has to be kept in a toilet and a bathroom. And in a bathroom on opposite walls it is possible to hang up mirrors, but at the same time it is not recommended to apply mirror tiles. The Faulty crane or an idle toilet bowl will symbolize loss of money and, of course, feng shui in this case recommends immediate correction of these shortcomings.

The general recommendations about definition and elimination of negative factors which can arise in your house (apartment) are that. It is possible to note that many, being not even familiar with knowledge the fan - Shui, at the intuitive level follow these recommendations. Of course, it is not surprising, the fan - Shui proceeds from esthetic reasons, and the people who are not deprived of taste do right thing.