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How to communicate with the woman in a depression, or I was tired!!! Women Have

one phrase, for men intolerable. That is, intolerable female phrases not one, but a set, but one is intolerable especially. It when the woman suddenly, for some reason most often suddenly, is perfect neither from that, apparently, nor from this says: I was tired! . Of course to the woman moreover our Russian, is what to be tired of - work, economy, shops, children, and at some and that it is worse - the husband. But, saying sacramental I was tired the woman means at all not that she dragged cross ties in the afternoon, and plowed on the house in the evening - no!

The speech in general goes not about fatigue physical, and about any other which neither to understand, nor it is impossible to explain. This also enrages the man because it is not clear that to answer it it. To tell: I was tired " too;? I do not advise. Because you will have heard plenty of it what these goats - men are tired of that even if you were really tired, after its monologue the fatigue as a hand will remove! Or perhaps in response to its policy statement to take and keep silent? It is simple to take as if into consideration - a pier, it is tired and tired. No, I do not recommend too. Because not for this purpose the woman said it that the man kept silent!

It is necessary to notice still that the woman makes the mournful statement for fatigue not only at the most unexpected moment, but also in the most improper places. For example, not at a steering wheel of the combine or at the weaving loom - that would be quite clear, and, say, among a noisy ball or on the solar beach - that at all it is inexplicable. By the way, though we talk about the Russian woman, objectivity for the sake of should recognize that it not its invention. To take any soap opera or the serious foreign movie - the same picture. Having settled all claims to the man, and not knowing that still to show him, the Latin American sobs: As I was tired, Pedro Julio Alberto Don Carlos ibn Hotab!

We will tell directly: the man can be tired too. Specifically - having cut firewood, having brought waters, having outlined a piece of coal in a fire chamber... But the inconcrete fatigue of the woman literally dokanyvat the man! She tells - I was tired to carry potato, it would bring this potato to it. Can be She admits - I was tired to clean the apartment, it to it would vacuum. Perhaps... And she declares - I was tired to stick out at a plate, he would make by it sandwich. Possibly... But what to respond to absolutely abstract and absolutely unmotivated message of the woman, the man does not know.

We can advise only one - when you hear this senseless sacramental phrase, count in mind to ten both also briefly and senselessly answer: Was tired? Have a rest! . The guaranteed result cannot be promised, but the best answer it is still not found...