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Happy New Year, or That we celebrate on September 14?

of Vsey of a creature to Sodetel, with

times and summer in the power polozhivy,

bless a wreath of summer of clemency of Tvoyey, My God,

keeping in the world people and a hail your

prayers of the Virgin and rescue ny.

(A troparion to an indikt)

In the earth Galilean the small town Nazareth becomes dusty. Will return to it from Egypt running there from the tsar Herod who was cutting out babies of a muzhesk of a floor, a young family: the carpenter Josef, the wife his Maria and their son who will be named Nazorey. Did not become looking for his death - after Herod`s death Archelaus begins to govern in Judea. Behind already sorrow of exile, flight. Began to live. The boy grows, the family works.

Once a year on burros, with simple load dusty stony roads goes to Jerusalem to be executed a family of grace of a holiday. After sad scarcity of provincial Nazareth - fatamorgany magnificence of the city and the Temple reigning over it emerges, and it seems to the child that all grace and Lord`s greatness pochit over the Temple and the city, it is executed by delight and belief, divine awe and awe. (I a mind`s eye imagine the rural boy on a burro, in clothes, dusty from a long journey, marveling with amazement at the furniture of the temple sparkling gold, at purple of a veil, at magnificence of clothes of priests. Present and you are with me).

Also there is what had to happen - twelve years old the boy hides from the parents hurrying home in narrow small streets of the city, and remains in Jerusalem. Studies in synagogues, comprehends wisdom of seniors, begins to preach itself, finds in himself special gift of healing, opens in itself sprouts of the mysterious mission put to it by destiny... Further years of a temptation of spirit and flesh in deserts, transitions from the city will go to the city, wonderful acts, prophecies, crowds of the adherents going on its feet. ( Leave the father and the mother )

There passed years. Rather poor synagogue small towns of Nazareth. September 1. Hot. Jesus returned to the native town for a holiday Rosh Ashana - Judaic New year. It brought to fellow countrymen the good news. Here he sits and learns in a synagogue of the gathered citizens that the come Judaic new year will be in the summer (year) favorable : The Lord spread me to preach to beggars. to preach summer favorable, to console all complaining. To announce complaining on Zion that they instead of ashes will be given ornament, instead of crying - an oil of gladness, instead of sad spirit - nice " clothes;. (Isaiah 61. 1 - 2. Onions 4, 16 - 22). Jesus prophesies.

Day of this prophecy on favorable year could also be considered as Christian church Novolety. The Byzantine Christians saw in it the Lord`s instruction on celebration of day of the new anniversary, and since then annually in day on September 14 (on September 1 on old style) the Orthodox church celebrates the church new anniversary called also by the Beginning of an indikt.

From Latin of indictio it is translated as the instruction, the announcement. In the 6th century Yulian enters new chronology according to instructions, to indikta . (You learn our word " index; - index?)

Under these instructions were designated the sizes of the taxes appointed by the emperor 15 - a summer cycle of imposing of tributes. It was specified in an indikta how many taxes it will be necessary to collect in new year, and each 15 years revaluation of manors, recalculation of figures was made. Official Constantinople chronology began 1 (on new - 14) September, 312, at Constantine the Great.

Pre-Christian Russia began civil new year on March 1, and only in the 15th century Russia officially begins to celebrate it 1 on September (14). It was also built logically - the crop is reaped, works are complete. New year begins. And went till a time...

And on September 1, 1699. Moscow. Kremlin. At the Kremlin Cathedral Square a holiday. In magnificent imperial clothes on a high tsarevy throne Pyotr sits. The patriarchal cope covers from me his face. I see only as the enormous tsar bows to the Patriarch, accepts from him blessing, kisses a patriarchal fragrant hand. The divine liturgy of the new anniversary begins. The elegant people approach under blessing. Long prayer. The tsar congratulates, the people bow zemno. In total precisely on a canon and decently, but something that had to take, as always, place, no. What? Ah, it that - the letoprovodstvo rank was not made! Why? What is going on? What was conceived again by Pyotr what again new reforms? What kova it builds Russian Orthodox Church again, bringing overseas ceremonies in silence patriarchal?

And Pyotr here conceived that: to postpone civil new year to January 1! And after the termination of commission of a canon of a letoprovodstvo (year was not carried out, so and new did not meet!) the tsar issues the Decree on transferring of new year. Dexterously! Since then we also celebrate it in the winter. Though it is incorrect - chronology became attached in the millennia by the beginning and the termination, to agricultural cycles. Yes such is Pyotr!

The church left for itself day on September 14 day of the church new anniversary. This day, today, we pass in the 7517th year from Creation of the World. The orthodox church around the world will serve a festive liturgy of the new anniversary and will connect it to service in honor of the Reverend Simeon Stylites and his Marfa`s mother which memory is necessary also for September 14.

With Novolety and 7517 New year edition, school students and readers! Semena and Marfa - your day - with a name-day! (You remember, day fast, but fish can be tasted).