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How to apply the fan - Shui at office, or we Will begin Ten golden rules of

with questions which specialists of the Feng shui Academy answered.

How to find good highly paid work with the help the fan - Shui?

At first needs to be defined what power engineering specialists of professions to you are favorable. The work vysokooplachivayemost does not mean yet that it suits you. It is very important that the power of a profession was in harmony with your personal power card. Then life at such work will be bright and joyful, and it what all of us aspire to.

by C what deterioration in affairs in firm can be connected? Deterioration in activity of some firms can be connected by

with change of the general power on Earth which happened at a boundary of 2003 - 2004. Improvement of a situation often requires change of an interior of offices. As a rule, this change of color of walls, introduction of certain materials and forms, and also new organization of workplaces. Concrete recommendations can be made only after carrying out researches of rooms on the place.

How to create the atmosphere of success in office?

Success in office is an ability of each worker to correspond to power of firm and office, and also correctly balanced power of all parts of the room. In this case energy of people harmoniously interacts with energy of the room, creating the atmosphere attracting good luck. Actually, as to make it - a question very and very difficult. The deep understanding the fan - Shui and experience is required. To correct an adverse situation, sometimes it is required to change cardinally all office, including both change of placement of departments, and an interior in them. And at times and it happens insufficiently, and moving to the room, other, more favorable for firm, is required. The same concerns selection of people for compliance of personal power and power of firm. All this demands careful research by the real expert. For this reason we do not make any recommendations until the question is studied on the place. Responsibility when you interfere in destiny of other people is too big.

Ten golden rules the fan - Shui

I Offer you ten universal rules which will help to improve and equip as much as possible your workplace at office, according to your desires and bents.

1. Put your table so that it did not settle down directly opposite to an entrance to an office.

If a table costs directly opposite to an entrance door in an office, to the first will address to you with different requests and instructions, and also to load you with additional work.

the Exit from this situation - to move a table it is a little aside.

2. When you sit in the workplace, the entrance door has to be visible to you.

to concentrate on performance of the tasks, the employee needs to feel feelings of safety. If we do not see the person approaching us, then subconsciously we feel danger as our instinct of self-preservation constantly is on the lookout.

3. Has to not have pass behind your chair. If behind you someone passes

, it distracts you and irritates. Besides the self-preservation instinct works. As speak, in the war the back has to be always protected.

4. Protect your workplace from others views.

Openness for views of other people can cause in you feeling of discomfort. Even if you work in a friendly staff, all the same try to be closed somehow, in case tables are too close each other, there is a feeling of discomfort. The feeling of security from invasion into personal space will allow as much as possible will concentrate at work.

5. Direct light has to go to your non-working hand. Deliver to

a desk lamp so that light fell from side of a non-working hand that on a working surface there was no shadow from a working hand.

6. you Keep your workplace clean.

All sites of your workplace have to be in purity.

Regularly clear boxes and regiments of unnecessary papers. Folders with documents should not be outside a reach zone. Throw out all papers which you are in the habit to put behind a door and other places, assuming that they will lie down temporarily .

7. Put phone from the dominating ear.

Well that phone did not stand only from the leading hand, and was really convenient, the phone conversation takes more time, than number set with the leading hand.

8. Put working materials which you use so that it is easy to get them from the rotating chair.

Having placed all necessary materials nearby, you will save time a great lot, you should not go constantly during the working day behind them to cases or other places.

9. Put on a workplace pots with plants.

the Condition of a plant reflects a condition of the owner of these plants. When flowers fade, at the owner ideas and plans cease to arise too. When plants chuvstvuyut itself well, and at the owner of business go respectively.

10. Clean your workplace after the working day that was not raise dust on surfaces of a table and other places.

For some reason we quickly get used to a disorder. Usually cleaning begins only when clients or the corresponding persons are going to visit office. We can not pay any attention to it, but dirt and a disorder on a workplace negatively influence efficiency of our work.

Be exempted from unnecessary things and make your workplace comfortable and attractive. It is important not only from the point of view of an esthetics, but also from the point of view of psychology and health. At the same time you will surely gain clarity of mind and wisdom of reason which are necessary for achievement of progress in career.