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How on the car not to get stuck anywhere?

All of us sometimes want to move down from asphalt. To Posobirat mushrooms, to swim in the forest lake. Some need to pass without road the last several meters, and even kilometers to the country house. And how many times such rest was interrupted with emergence on the cloud horizon - on the wet road not to leave any more.

It is possible to get stuck on the bad road not only on the city car, but also on the abrupt SUV. And it will be much more difficult to pull out it. Councils skilled on this subject - a set. It is possible to carry with itself metal mesh rugs. Sometimes the shovel and the axe will help. It is possible to poddomkratit the slipping wheel and to enclose something under it. Also the winch is useful. But, as a rule, is not near for what it is possible to hook on it.

Already about 40 years I practically do not get stuck. And if I get stuck - quickly I pull out the car. At the end of 60 - x years of the last century in the " magazine; Driving council of one of " was published; skilled drivers. He told how he uses several years thought up by it gruntozatsepy for the winch. I ordered it in our masterful laboratory too, and since then it never brought me. Changing cars, I just shifted it in following.

The design is very simple. You see it on the picture. A basic element - a steel pipe with a diameter about 5 and about 80 centimeters long. Since one end - a hook from a steel bar where it is possible to hook on the winch. Under a hook in a pipe openings are bored through, it is inserted and welded on a pipe surely from above and from below. In a pipe under some corner openings under cores - gruntozatsepa are drilled. The most difficult - to turn them. They freely have to be inserted into inclined openings. In transit cores clean up in a pipe from end faces. Two - from a hook, the others - on the other hand.

If you got stuck, cling a winch cable to the car and stretch it at all length. You put on the winch a hook of a hook and you hammer with a hatchet one cores. If soil firm - is enough couple since the distant end. If soft - has to be hammered all. Then you get up on a pipe that it was not turned out under loading, and you pull the car. It is usually enough to bring up of her on 1 - 2 meter. Though if there is not enough length of a cable, this operation it is possible to repeat unlimited number of times. The car can be pulled both forward, and back, depending on a situation. The hammered cores keep in the earth densely - hands back not to extend. Therefore they need to be shaken at first to the right - to the left in lateral blows of a hatchet. Pay attention to the drawing - in the top part of cores of a thickening that it was impossible to hammer on a hat and was what to grasp.

This hook is capable to pull out even the heavy car. In the middle of 90 - x years I some time went by the huge " pickup; Chevrolet - Silverado belonging To LogoVAZ . Engine 6. 2 liters, all driving wheels, a road gleam - 30 centimeters. On a pool to pass by such car - a continuous gratefulness. Even on the plowed field. Once the neighbor asked to help to find the lost cow in the village. During a rain we went to look for it on the forest road broken by tractors. In one place I sat down on a belly even by such car. So this hook with the winch helped!

And still. In 40 years I used this adaptation of all several times though went on different roads. Why? Matter in psychology. When you are afraid to get stuck - a leg surely where - nibud in the middle of a pool will tremble, and you will get stuck. When you know that you will always be able easily to get out - that and you do not get stuck.

I advise motorists to make such hook, to put with the winch in a luggage carrier - and never to get stuck. It will help even from a luggage carrier. It is checked!