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How, looking at clothes, it is possible to characterize the teenager?

Teenagers are such people for whom it is especially important how they look as their clothes or a hairdress will be apprehended in society.

For them clothes - also a sign of belonging to a certain group of peers, the to pack .

Therefore they devote to glossy magazines, the choice of image and shopping much time.

From my personal observations can allocate several groups of the teenagers differing both on clothes and on its choice.

Women of fashion and dandies.

the Teenagers getting to this group irrespective of age, spend a lot of time for the choice of a new undershirt or sneakers. Glance over fashionable magazines on some pieces a week. By preparation for some exit for walls of own apartment they for hours rub near a mirror and in a couple of hours peremerivat all the clothes.

This group is remarkable the fact that it blindly follows styles. If any color now popular, so at once it became necessary to ask parents that they bought a brand new bagatelle of this color.

Dandies and women of fashion very much like to brag of things, especially with the known labels sewn to them. They can talk for hours as hard they got this or that thing and as it was necessary to bypass shops much to find the suitable size. They show that are exclusive and unique and that the clothes for them have to be sewed only by their order.


of the Classic will never get out of fashion (I do not remember who told, forgive). As it appeared, among teenagers there are fans of classical clothes too. Such children buy usual direct jeans or trousers, put on shirts without various inscriptions and attritions. Girls prefer monophonic blouses and jeans.

This group of teenagers has always enough time. They will stand near a mirror to correct a little a tie or to smile to themselves. They give big part of free time to performance of the planned affairs. They are well organized, and it is always pleasant to communicate with such teenagers.

However, practically you will not meet fans of classical clothes on youth parties. They for some reason avoid these associations, but spend a lot of time in a circle of the friends. Their program is more extensive. It not just sitting on a shop and infinite talk, and visits of cinema, on exhibitions, on competitions and so on.

Gotha and emo. them I united

in connection with similar clothes style. Both those, and others put on in black, only at emo still the obligatory attributes are a pink color. Many of these people nevertheless begin to put on over time in normal clothes, but not all. I would tell what Gotha and emo is something average between classics and fashion.

Gotha in the majority are dressed in classical jeans, and emo is style with dreadlocks and the French braids. Over time passions on the former novelty cease and the majority of them gets up before the choice. I grew up and therefore it is time to remove from himself black things, to change style and to begin to look at the world in a different way . However some remain are faithful to the movement, it for them is priority, despite age and the place in society.

Metallyug and pank ears.

People, at which the, absolutely separate life. They communicate with other people a little, drink much and always gather for the parties which are on some square. As I go through some underground passage, all approaches me the same small group and asks to help on the most sacred matter in this world. And a Saint at them is to get drunk to a state does not climb " any more; or I cannot go and to lie, sing songs or to sleep at the girlfriend on hands on some shop.

Their clothes style impresses. Probably, nobody is any more than various metal and leather trinkets, than they, carries. How look, will hang chains, wristlets, bracelets, rings what sometimes you think - but whether it is heavy to go them?

The footwear at them too peculiar - heavy also beats painfully. Once, it is exclusive out of curiosity, tried 15 minutes on change before physical culture to resemble while the schoolmate changed clothes. I speak frankly, it is not enough convenience and for want of habit itself can rasshibit few times on a ladder a forehead, and so - looks stylishly, especially under bridges.

Rappers or The Drooped hood .

the Most ridiculous group, and the most popular. Even I do not know how it is better to describe. It seems the lowered wide trousers carry many now, and the relations to a rap, per se, have no. Here also define them. In total - I will call " style; The drooped hood the most popular among present youth. " trousers; with the sagged chair are bought up with an improbable speed, and a variety of repersky style simply improbable. It not that incorporated all possible, but became mixed. It is possible to see the person and in a jacket, but under it not a shirt - a baize with a hood, and trousers are put on the same - very broad.

This group of people is interesting by the manner of communication. They move hands more, than speak. It is more habitual to them to communicate with the help of a mimicry, than by means of usual words. The people falling under the category The Drooped hood very much love club parties and cottage parties. They have special gestures. Than it is more antler movements of people does, that more abruptly it in the opinion of peers.

Bandits and gangsters.

Interesting group, truth? Did not think that about them I will write, but nevertheless. In each area where you lived, there is a group of street muggers which is authoritative near the sandbox. To find them not so difficult. The clothes at such teenagers consist of trousers as - - Adidas a sneaker as - - Nike and trowels as - - Puma . In hands they constantly twist or the mobile phone, or are accurate. Hair are close-cut, and hands are brought a little down.

As for girls, those are made up always too provocatively. Like to wear clothes of the shouting tones. Talk always roughly. You will seldom meet such girls in the city, they carry out practically all the time to the companies with the favourite bandit.

I put an end it. And, dear readers, look at those who are parents how your child puts on and carry him to some group - can, you learn about it is mute something new?