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How to get rid of melancholy, or the Guide to a case tyaganiye.

A behind a window which put it is raining. Cold, opposite, wet, eventually! There is no wish to creep out further an entrance door somewhere at all, and in place it is not sat. Both read the book, and watched film, and made a lunch, and even washed the dishes. Only nothing helps. The melancholy is mortal. In the head a woodpecker the question knocks: how to live further?

The idea came absolutely unexpectedly, and I right there started its implementation. Only then, having remembered clever articles from psychological books, I understood that aunties and uncles wearing spectacles and advise these to be engaged when from melancholy there is a wish to howl on the moon. So, I began to move the Case.

Yes, the Case from capital letter, I respect it. Here it is necessary to distract and tell a little in what hole I live. Generally, the usual two-room kvartirenka, is not present any excesses in the form of European-quality repairs. Though I lie: the bathroom in pink tones at us was organized from two standard snack bars " few years ago; Toilet and Type bathroom and during this time did not manage to acquire a mold and result of activity of pets. But, unfortunately, to me forbid to live in a bathroom for some reason therefore it is necessary to huddle in one of rooms.

From furniture there - a prehistoric sofa, the Case of times of World War I, a desk with the smashed curbstone, the sewing machine (aha, in such box reminding grobik), the book shelves (sawn about 15 years ago from my rack for toys), a computer table and still some bedside table of unclear mission. Ah yes, still there is a chair in number of one piece, a carpet, a cage with a crawl and the computer - the TV - the radio tape recorder. Well and still tons of the 20th my junk.

Only it is not necessary to feel sorry for me and to suggest to send plastic windows and a double bed with a canopy! Though Yes, be sorry and offer, I will report the address. While I not bad get on with the stuff which my awkwardness and house cattle help to break completely to me (it I not about a pochtimuzh, is honest). And somewhere with frequency in few years I decide that everything, so it is impossible to live, it is time to do shift. Here still it is necessary to mention about the exceptional sizes of a sofa and Case and existence in my den of a balcony that together gives rise to an immemorial dilemma: both names of furniture factory number two Nizhneuryupinsky of the county can be placed only in two places (though if it is honest, always wanted to put either that, or another in the middle of the room, but nobody for some reason approves). Here also I should move them to one wall, to another. Any variety, upon my life!

So, having moved an elk, several months successfully pretending to be a rabbit decorative, breed Angora, on a balcony and having curtailed a carpet, I decided to drag the Case. After several attempts and tasty matyug I all - agreed that it is necessary to unload the Cupboard junk on a sofa. Helped whether you know.

In minutes 10 Case, discontentedly lowing, removed to other wall where was sentenced to live and serve my small consumer needs. The belongings popikhatsya tiresomely back, and I began to consider with interest what was found behind the Case. Nda, finds were banal: cat`s urine, a bull-calf and a wrapper from a condom. The campaign in a pawnshop is cancelled.

It should be noted that during movement of the Case I had to move fairly and other masterpieces of craft art, and therefore now my room represented the standing still Case and a labyrinth from e - e - e other pieces of furniture. This picture did not inspire me at all, but also to live so, unfortunately, it was represented a little possible, and therefore demanded further completion. And I went for fuel.

As you understand, such - as - I - animals wild therefore they are supported not with a cup of coffee with a candy and even not a plateau of a chicken bulyonchik at all, and - children, turn away! - low-degree alcoholic beverages. The vodka bottle, Zanykanny from the last celebration, somehow did not cause delight therefore directly on house clothes I pulled a jeans kurtenka, took a purse (well, a purse, that is) and went to the nearest shop. There I was comprehended by the second dilemma: how many wines to take that it was cheerful, but it is NOT REALLY cheerful, you understand? Having stopped on two bottles white semisweet, I took to a heap of favourite eklerchik and fearlessly rushed towards to a sofa.

Yes, my design experiments went far more cheerfully, and soon the sofa and a desk found the new place. The crawl forgotten on a balcony at last came back home and, knocking teeth from cold, damned me and my wine. But here again there was a certain problem I, the mathematician`s daughter, somewhere in the calculations made one ridiculous mistake, and therefore, having persuaded only two thirds of the first bottle, began to consider suddenly jambs, and then saw a sofa in the hall, such soft and attracting Sat down on an edge Lay down on a small pillow Closed eyes

I Woke up also unexpectedly, as well as fell asleep. Four hours later. In the 23rd zero - zero. Drank liters five water, with astonishment looked at catacombs in my room, reflecting what very much - terrible - abusive - the word here turned everything until the baby slept, dumped everything on it is lazy the Down guzzling hay and began to clean up. Till five in the morning. Again. As always.

For what I tell it to you, you ask. In - the first that you laughed were potykat in me fingers. And in - the second that to throw a paltry idea. Behind a window the rain (snow, tropical heavy rain, a hurricane, a heat utter), at you is several hours of free time and absolutely any options as to carry out them. And still the melancholy overcame Potyagayte Shkaf. Seriously. It inspires.