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How Kaliningrad changed?

It is the updated, beautiful, small town. It is possible to come to Kaliningrad just if there was a wish to walk. The first that of course it is necessary to look at is a new square of Kaliningrad.

Those who were in Kaliningrad about ten years ago still probably remember what it was. In the center of the area there was a green, chosen by birds monument to Lenin, and on both sides from it stands settled down. They were usually used by youth, and with those purposes which probably were not assumed by the government. And to arrive to Kaliningrad now: beauty and only. The area is revetted with beautiful paving slabs, under the area the parking which at present the truth does not function. In the center the Pillar settles down. Why it was put I do not know. Probably, imitate St. Petersburg. Concerning it there were many disputes: not only that the plate on it was with three mistakes. I will provide the text that it was possible to admire culture of local officials visually: Posvyashchenno 60 - to the anniversary of the Kaliningrad region and the Great Victory of 1941 - 1945 . To children at school gave a task to find at lessons of Russian several mistakes on a memorial plate in the downtown.

is already constructed and trimmed outside the magnificent temple At present. Too there is on the square, a small churchlet and several trees nearby. Inside the temple will undersign, on it raise money now. Has to the orthodox center of Kaliningrad will turn out. Actually very beautiful, even not from the religious point of view.

In general all area is filled with benches, ballot boxes and big beds. To sit very pleasantly, though around the car. But in the winter much more problemny: benches all are made of marble and to heat them very difficult.

One more problem of Kaliningrad, from my point of view, is a huge clutter of the center various business - the centers. Many of them still are under construction. On height they will exceed even the temple and the main building - the City hall. But, fortunately, architects of Kaliningrad were puzzled with this problem. In the fall the international seminar which participants will solve what to be to the city in the future began. Already there are ideas to surround the downtown anti-automobile a ring in which only the public transport will work. At architects from Europe and Russia there are a lot more ideas.

we Hope and we wait for them results. Well and of course my following articles.