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Why Moshe Dayan is called the person - a legend?

Are politicians who at the life cause dual feelings. One of them - Moshe Dayan. The Soviet promotion represented it as a " symbol; Israeli Zionism and soldiery . " magazine; Crocodile and the Soviet press regularly printed on it caricatures.

Did not ignore it the and Vladimir Vysotsky. In the song about Mishka Shiffman there are lines: Moshe Dayan - a sterva one-eyed! It is aggressive, the knave, the real Pharaoh! Well, and where aggression - there to me not a reason . The rigid person, a black bandage on the left eye and a hooked nose did Dayan by the ideal villain. It was branded on all Communist Party meetings, meetings and lectures of Society Knowledge .

It became popular - besides as the return reaction to excessive promotion. It - both the colonel of the Soviet Army, and the Hero of the Soviet Union, and the graduate of Academy of the name Frunze.... According to M. Veller, in 30 - x years Moshe Dayan studied in Academy of the General Staff together with Guderian and - Gaulle. In those days such training practiced that speaks about the high level of teaching. During offensive operation to Kiev in 1943 when Dayan was at Chernyakhovsk as a part of the English observation mission, it received the Award of the Battle Red Flag.

Chernyakhovsk brilliantly certifies Dayan, but does not sign any prize sheets with dispersal, and reports on Zhukov. Zhukov with sluggishness of the rock drops: Means, so. Give it the power the Banner. Will be enough .

Legend? Can be. Though legends from scratch are not born. Official circles of it do not confirm, but, as they say, and do not disprove.

Who is he, the person - a legend, with a face of the ascetic, a hooked nose and a bandage on an eye (something reminding Nelson and Kutuzov)?

He is known as the cool, resolute head who was persistently defending the views, the courageous and rigid soldier. But actually it is the person the difficult, ambiguous, knowing take-off and falling.

Dayan`s parents were among the first immigrants from Eastern Europe. The father, Shmuel Dayan (Kitaigorodsky), arrived to Palestine in 1908. Mother Dayana, Deborah (in girlhood - Zatulovskaya), arrived to Palestine from Russia.

They say that from the father Moshe who in the childhood was a frail boy inherited the reserved, closed character. And it acquired considerable part of the intellectual qualities thanks to mother who was the strong and outstanding personality allocated with remarkable mind.

As the true military Dayan pedantically analyzed not only good luck, but also misses. In 1965 the book " was published; Diary of the Sinai campaign . Almost with cruel frankness it analysed the military operations costing human life. Golda Meir in connection with issue of this book declared that Dayan pours on drops poison on wounds of the parents who lost children .

Big popularity the policy pursued by him in occupied territories brought Moshe. Ruthless fight against terrorists and the loyal attitude towards civilians made it popular in many countries.

He developed structure of military authorities, seeking to make the Israeli management so soft and unostentatious as far as it is possible. It collected mukhtar (heads of the Arab settlements) also told them: We do not ask you to fall in love with us. We want that you took care of the fellow citizens and cooperated with us in restoration of their normal life. It is necessary to be afraid more of the Israeli army when you cooperate with terrorists, than terrorists when you refuse to help them .

He used tens of thousands of workers from occupied territories in agriculture and the industry of Israel. In his opinion, the main advantage of this policy - granting to Jews and Arabs of an opportunity to live and work together.

The concern about possible Soviet intervention for the purpose of support to Egypt haunted Dayan from June, 1967 to summer of 1972 when the Egyptian president Anwar Sadat removed the Soviet military advisers. In directives to the Israeli pilots after six-day war it was ordered to avoid whenever possible collisions with the Soviet planes and not to cause damage to the bases and constructions serving the Soviet divisions in Egypt at all. He understood that in case of intervention of the USSR America, England and France will not stand aside; and Israel will appear between hammer and anvil also will disappear as the state.

According to the people knowing Dayan, it was lonely wolf which with anybody did not share the thoughts and experiences. In one of interview to which it condescended once the general told about himself so: I do not despise people. They just bore on me. There is no such person on the earth in the company of whom I would be interested if only at me something concrete to say no to him .

Touched Dayan a little that was told and wrote about his private, not too virtuous life, about his political views, about his manner to drive the car, about his not absolutely pure methods of a collecting of archeological finds concerning which legality of assignment questions in the press and the Knesset were brought up more than once.

Only where it was sensitive to the slightest criticism, is a military area.

Odette it always was with careful negligence - trousers and shirt of color khaki. Sometimes on it it was possible to see a white shirt.

Moshe Dayan died from cancer the 18th dates tishry (on October 16, 1981) at the age of 66 years. The United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote: War was Dayan`s calling, the world - its aspiration...

World to all of you and health.

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