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Than the fitball is useful to the newborn?

the Habitual gift for the newborn - a bright rattle which so interestingly rattles are so cheerfully shaken. She can be felt and grabbed with small fingers - horror as it is good! And what you will tell if I suggest to buy a fitball for the newborn? Perhaps, it is not absolutely habitual term, but it is about a simple big round ball.

Unusually? But it is very useful and it is effective. Can seem that this entertainment not for the newborn, and for children is more senior. But actually to play with a fitball it is possible to accustom the child beginning with the third week of life, after adaptation in a house situation and relative stabilization of the modes of feeding and rest. Of course, the speech not about independent games of the kid, and about games under the sensitive guide of parents.

Actually, it is not absolutely game more likely probably, the gymnastics but interesting and fascinating. Recently it becomes more popular. And it is not surprising, positive impact on the child is available. However, to distinguish children`s game from gymnastics sometimes rather difficult. Both that and another are aimed at the development of the little person.

Game - the gymnastics promotes development of a vestibular mechanism, strengthening of a skeleton and muscles. Massage of a tummy improves digestion and removes infantile gripes. Muscles at a hyper tone relax. The child derives the mass of pleasure and positive emotions that promotes development of nervous system.

As well as any gymnastic exercises, occupations with a fitball it is impossible to begin right after food. Wait minutes 30 - 40, otherwise you risk to see once again everything that was eaten by the kid. It is longer not necessary to tighten the first occupations five minutes, further their duration can be increased. You watch the child, was tired - means, will be enough.

Exercises are simple and fascinating, both for mothers and fathers, and for their remains. For the smallest, approximately months to three, try the following.

To and fro . It can be carried out on a back or on a tummy. Lay the kid on a ball and, holding it with hands, shake together with a ball in different directions and around. Situation on a tummy will help to cope with gases, on a back - excellent prevention for a backbone.

Extensions . the Same, as the previous exercise, but the kid we stack on a flank.

Vibration . the Starting position - as at the first exercise. Holding the kid with a hand, the second fast pushes in different directions force a ball to vibrate. Perfectly allows to relax muscles.

" Runner;. you Keep your gymnast over a ball under mice, let will try to touch on a ball legs.

In general exercises can be thought up. Watch the child, notice that is pleasant to him more and amuses him. A little creative energy - will also turn out the, unique complex of useful and cheerful exercises.

The fitball is useful also to mothers. After the delivery and during feeding the ball is simply necessary for restoration of a figure. And if the kid likes to pokapriznichat and falls asleep only after a motion sickness on hands, try to rock to sleep, sitting on a ball and jumping up. Both the kid will calm down, and mother will be trained. Good luck.