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Whom friends is actors called great razvlekatel ? Vladimir Basov of

on September 17, 1987, 20 years ago, having gone to a bathroom to shave, fell and instantly the great Soviet actor Vladimir Pavlovich Basov died. He played in tens of movies and always struck with the fact that even negative characters as if the wizard, turned in terribly charming and not so terrible. So was, for example, with a role of the senior wolf in a film hit 70 - x years About the Little Red Riding Hood .

Basov was born on July 28, 1923 in Kursk region when his parents were wound on the destroyed civil war of Russia in search of the better lot. Its everything was not and was not, so they appeared in the usual village near Nizhny Novgorod where Volodya was admitted to school, but managed to end only seven classes when the father unexpectedly died.

More kept nothing them in the village, and mother, having taken away the son, went with him to Moscow. Here Volodya also began to think of what destiny to choose. Wanted to be everything and little by little, but eventually stopped the choice on the VGIK. But it was not succeeded to arrive: outside there was a tragic June, 1941. And instead of educational audience 17 - the summer young man got to entrenchments. In the war such were killed quickly - from all generation of the boys born in 1923 survived percent 10 - 12. But Basov was helped by two things: ability to be guided in any situation and sense of humour. In the war it helps not to become unstuck if the person either is fierce, or is indifferent, the instinct of self-preservation sharply becomes dull.

But it does not mean that Basov sat out behind backs of companions. He was brave, clever and prudent, subordinates how much he in vain did not risk, finished war 21 - the summer captain. Ahead there was an outstanding military career, but a choice was made still then, in June, 1941. And having served two more years, in 1947 Vladimir writes the official report about dismissal and comes back to Moscow. From the second attempt it comes to the VGIK on famous Sergey Yutkevich`s course. And about war he never and told nobody. Only to the third spouse slightly - slightly it was slightly opened . When in Moscow there were terrible frosts, he suddenly remembered how in the winter of 1941 in the same ice cold days they covered blindage cracks with the German corpses not to freeze the picture " became

his director`s debut; School of courage according to Arkady Gaidar`s story. There was in it something that hooked anyway, unlike the classmates to Basov allowed to remove much and it is versatile. Perhaps, not the last role in it was played by the cult Soviet movie Board and sword where Basov squeezed out practically everything of the director`s talent. Talk that the leading role in success of the movie was played by the actual material of the novel of Century. Kozhevnikova, took place and now and the more so then. But unless there will be persons interested to argue with the fact that Basov as the director helped to reveal brightly to talent of young actors Oleg Yankovsky and Stanislav Lyubshin?

The big role Basov`s lives was played by women, in particular, of his wife. It was awfully amorous, and before each new pretender in the wife tried to appear in the most favorable light. For each new happiness fought with such pressure that young girls, and Basov preferred wives is much younger than itself, just did not maintain such impact, comparable unless with energy of water which twists Dneproges`s turbines. Roza Makagonova whom he removed in the debut picture became the first spouse of Vladimir Pavlovich. Then Natalya Fateeva (to her hardly passed in 20 years, to it - 33 years), and, at last, Valentina Titova, 22 - summer " became his darling; the sportswoman, the member of the Komsomol and the excellent girl, which 40 - summer Basov besieged as fortress in due form gentlemen`s art. Well, tell what girl will sustain if the man who is old enough to be her father, is not tired to drive all her course in restaurants, does not cease to yumorit and crack jokes, and even Communist Party committee winds - I divorce Fateeva and I marry Titova .

As he was able to entertain - about it legends still go. As remembered Valentin Titov He incessantly told jokes, imitated all, gesticulated, fell on a floor... . Titov`s time begged Basov: Volodya, well become silent at least for a minute. Radio can be switched off, and you - are impossible

Vladimir Pavlovich and draws loved. He was on friendly terms with many giving-out people of the time: directors, artists, writers. And always in their houses with big impatience expected Basov. It could blow up any quiet situation. In Moscow it and was called: Great razvlekatel

Perhaps, he would live longer. But sometimes it filled in the vital failures with alcohol. It, of course, as well as the contusion received at the front reduced to it life. But it was bright, memorable. As Natalya Fateeva told about it once: did not happen to it boringly, there was a feeling that you constantly dive: from ice water in hot

As there at Mayakovsky? To shine always, to shine everywhere. Basov not just shone - shone! And this light even today, 20 years later after his death not to extinguish to anybody