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And let`s wonder: What measures life ?

the Mother-in-law rattle ware in kitchen. From other room cries of vampires reach! The daughter watches the horror film. The wife plays a violin, and before tried to sing a hoarse voice. I sit in front of the computer with awfully sore head. But all the same it is my life!

Life! Interesting all - piece. Here and today we with the companion started dispute. What, all - is measured life? For years? Experience? The made affairs, kind and not really? The number of scientific works or the gathered regalia? Memory of descendants? Did not notice how several hours flew by. And, as in any dispute, everyone agreed to differ.

And all - seems to me, life is measured Even I cannot call this size. In one book, unfortunately, I do not remember its name, I read definition of a unit of measure of life which very much was pleasant to me - Magic Moments . Yes, quite so, from capital letter both words. As in connection they form the required size of measurement of life.

And so, in my opinion, life is measured by such here magic moments! The moments which the person remembers all the life in the smallest details!

The first time in the first class, the first unrequited love, the first appointment, the first kiss, the oath, the first march - a throw, the first shot from a sniper rifle, the wounded whom I dragged through the burning wood, the father`s funeral, the offer of a hand and heart to the darling a wedding, the daughter`s birth, terrible accident where so close I saw death Each of these moments I remember

in the smallest details.

34 years passed, and I remember how I stood VERY FIRST in a column of the class. Still I remember the place where I stood, the girl whom held by a hand and in general all.

First appointment. Sixth class. I was afraid and wanted to escape. Not here - that was! It appears, me grazed schoolmates to whom I bragged that I go for appointment! They - that also returned me back!

When I dragged the wounded fighter through the burning wood, air was heated before that burned lungs... I found a pool with damp dirt, moistened handkerchiefs in this swill, tied up a mouth and a nose both at myself, and at it. Still I remember taste of this dirt. It saved to us life!

And so on. Them, unfortunately, it appeared very much and very few.

And there is a lot of - much others are not remembered Though, events seemingly considerable. But there is no this magic, this feeling. Simply not, and all!

Life of each of us develops on a step. Each such moment - a jump on a step.

Up or down.

Happens differently.

And how to make that kind Magic Moments there was much more?

Councils are simple and old (drevn) here, absolutely got confused.

1. Be an optimist! You love life just because you have it.

2. You say to close people more often that you love them. Do not put off it. Tomorrow never comes, and the habit remains. And maybe, the person close to you will hear those words which you wanted to tell during lifetime only after death And so happens.

3. Be engaged in business which you love, and think how it can make for you profit. Doing favorite thing you will Not work uniform day - in my opinion, Benjamin Franklin so told, for as got on a hundred-dollar banknote.

You have other opinion? It is very interesting to me to recognize him!