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What is advised by the fan - Shui for your office?

In our modern society a workplace are equipped by all necessary for normal and effective work from the point of view of scientific progress, but it not always provides to the worker that it is necessary for it actually.

I consider that communication between the person and the place of its dwelling is significant in the list of achievements in his life. Our work can bring joy and internal comfort when we understand how to force the same work to inure to benefit of our personality.

the Satisfaction which is had from work depends not only on existence of necessary devices and devices for performance of an objective, but also on objects of our environment.

I think, the nemalovazhnoyevliyaniye renders registration of an interior of the placement on overall performance of the employee of office in general and a workplace separately.

Unfortunately, importance of a subject environment for emotional satisfactions of workers, it is for some reason forgotten. If we imposed the same requirements what we impose to   to the work; to preparation and use of our food, then also results of it positively would affect our work. We have to work in that environment which is pleasant to us and which promotes implementation of our plans and tasks.

We already said that in the fan - Shui is used a grid oh a gua by means of which value of the separate zones in the room which are responsible for these or those elements in our house is defined.

If traditional oh gua shares the place on nine zones, offices can be divided into five parts. It is expedient to use traditional imposing of a grid on the plan of the house for individual office or the house. The staff of offices, how were uniform in the business, nevertheless is not a uniform family.

At offices where several employees work, it is possible to determine five main dominating forces. As for a desktop of everyone, it can still be considered within divisions into nine this area completely is under control of that individual which works at this table.

force Zone . The most distant wall from a door is force zone. Force is a management, force of firm depends on competence, intelligence and skills of its personnel. Also force depends on competitiveness of the company in the market.

As a rule, the most distant place from an entrance heads, it " choose; safe . Ability to understand degree of authoritativeness of this or that person in the company is one of important factors of professional growth. If your table even not the not most distant from an entrance door, but you can fence off the screen an entrance (figuratively), - then your importance will increase in the company.

the Objects increasing power in force zone:

the Long table (sitting has to sit facing an entrance).

of Graphics of increase in production or sale of goods of firm.

Figurative image of prospects.

of the Award and diplomas.

of Objects which reduce power of a zone of force:

the Table sitting at which is located a back to an exit.

Glass wall.

Vacation spot or dining table.

Zone of contacts. Usually this area is located on the right side from an entrance (when we come into the room).

the Provision of your desktop can affect how you are perceived by other employees. That whose workplace is located in a zone of contacts, gets the help and support of people around. If you wish

that you were noticed in a business field, it is necessary to sit down so that the person making decisions settled down on the right side from you. To the contrary, if you do not want that you were given additional loading at work, settle down on the left side of that person who makes decisions.

Objects which strengthen a zone of contacts:

Fax, copier.

Negotiating table.

Place of reception of visitors.

the Place where business plans are discussed;

Card file of clients.

of Objects inappropriate in a zone of contacts:

Wash basin.

of the Award and diplomas.

Table of reports.


Zone of motives . The place about an entrance. If you need incentives and inspiration to actions, then pay attention what is in this part of office? If the general spirit of cooperation begins to die away and slackness is read at everyone on a face, so the time   came; to reconstruct area of motives at office.

Objects which presence is favorable in a zone of motives:

the Objects which are symbolically reflecting aspirations to the purpose.

Place of reception of visitors.

of the Image authoritative in your area of people.

of the Book which inspire for work.

of Undesirable objects in a zone of motives:

Folders with unfinished works.


Negotiating table.

Badly lit place.

the Zone of the problems demanding permission . It is the left side of the room (when we enter). The person can meet the problems demanding permission. Happens so that, having solved these problems, we move ahead further in the life.

In life often meet surprises when we get into different situations. It occurs when we leave area of comfort and we go into the territory unknown to us. If there would be no difficulties and ways of their overcoming, then we would not understand the forces and abilities and there would be no progress in our life.

Objects which make active this zone:

the Place for reflections.



Inspiring books and objects.

Objects which symbolically reflect aspiration to prospects.

of the Objects undesirable in this zone:

Cases with folders.

Dining table.


Scanner and copier.

Zone of financial and career welfare. Center of the room. What a field of activity of your company, eventually, it was directed to final profit and financial welfare of firm.

Irrespective of, how effectively you carry out the tasks, your contribution - it is all part of a single whole, and the assessment of it is important for your future.

Objects, presence which favorably affects in a zone of finance:

your table located in this zone.

Main card file.

Accounts department or place (office) of the head of the company.

Printers and faxes.

window plants or aquarium.

Undesirable objects in this zone:

the Basket for the fulfilled papers.

the Container with garbage.


the Entrance to the cellar or the locked office.

Interpretation these zones oh a gu to allow you to bring own interests and requirements into harmony, and also will improve operational and financial performance your firm.

There is incontestable the fact the fact that the equipment and culture the fan - Shui are demanded on today`s day not only in China, and also far beyond its limits. Application of knowledge the fan is Shui in the different   areas; activity of the person, in my opinion, is proof of that the fan is Shui - it is the historical and cultural phenomenon in life all human society.