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In a sound body - a pot-belly! (As all-...) the Boy faces

the fat man.

- the Uncle, your trousers are undone. And krantik dropped out outside!

- Thanks, the boy, say hello to it! I did not see its several years!

When I went to Israel, I thought that I will not see fat men: the food is healthy, the medicine at the level, climate has no. Anything similar! A hundred times more (I about fat men)!

At that time excess of my weight over norm made only five kilograms. There were no special reasons for concern, however There was a wish to be more harmonous.

Tried Herbalife - without results. And it is unpleasant! You wait for a lunch as god-send! Ceased to torment itself especially as weight was not a subject of special concern.

But there was a wish to grow thin. Without special work. Montinyak`s book " caught sight; Eat and grow thin . The ideology - approaches: eat (do not starve)! Tried. Volumes fell, but weight remained.

Some more years. Weight exceeds norm already on 10 kilograms. It is necessary to do something! Bought electronic scales. It began to be weighed every day. Does not help.

Began to have breakfast. Does not help. Began to eat salad from cabbage, beet and carrots during the lunchtime. Does not help. Began to eat kefir with a cucumber in the mornings. Does not help.

I still, and still

Wanted to try the French diet .

(French diet: in the morning sex , during the lunchtime cake , in the evening sex.

In a month: does not help? We will replace cake with sex!) Is not present

!!! I will not sustain!!!

Thoughts about the nature of increase in weight led to the conclusion that:

- if is violations of an exchange - nothing will help,

- if an organism is deprived of self-control regarding the volume of the absorbed food - nothing will help.

In the course of reflections, supervision over patients and digestion of information obtained from talk with people around some interesting things were revealed:

- massage can reduce appetite,

- reduction of appetite does not lead to immediate weight reduction,

- the metabolism is influenced by a condition of chest department of a backbone,

- cleaning of intestines with any way, except natural, does not yield steady results.

Statistically authentically: massage of the basis of a skull leads to appetite reduction. Own feelings: eat more - it becomes physically uncomfortable. Next time you listen to a body: and it is possible still? Or not? The answer comes after a pause 1 - 2 minutes: if there is still a desire - it is possible and to add.

Why weight is not lost if it is lowered - and it is noticeable - quantity of the absorbed food? Allegedly - the metabolism (for confirmation of a hypothesis the reliable statistics is necessary) improves: for maintenance of power balance the organism needs less food.

For improvement of a metabolism it is required to do massage of chest department of a backbone. The most effective, in my opinion - massage to a shiats. It is possible to do any (if there is no corresponding expert): stroking, grinding, percussion, pat. Duration - till 15 minutes. Tiresomely, but it is useful!

It is recommended to do rolling (as if attempt to go head over heels) - 4 - 5 times every day, in the morning or in the evening. It is useful to lift up legs to the head and to maintain them so about one minute. Exercises extend a backbone from cervical department to lumbar (there is information that work of a large intestine is influenced by a condition of 4 - 5 lumbar vertebras).

For improvement of blood supply of the head it is possible or to lower the head from a bed for 1 minute, and it is better to lift up legs to a wall and to remain in such situation till 1 minute, or to rise on the head (to stand till 1 minute). With a rack on the head is more careful - if there is pain, to stop and more to it not to come back!

For improvement of natural cleaning of intestines it is possible to do the following massage movements (lying on a back):

1. a sigmovidny gut - at the left, precisely under a podvzdoshny bone - roundabouts two - three fingers from below up (under fingers there can be painful feelings) or from top to down. To do massage 2 - 3 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Strongly it is not necessary to press - it is useless;

2. a thick gut - on the right, symmetrically sigmovidny gut - the same movements, the same duration, the same effort;

3. the spiral movements from a navel outside counterclockwise - the same duration. Not to press, to hardly concern a skin surface!

The recommendation about structure and frequency of meal - has less and more often (each 2 hours), it is more than greens, it is less than bread - generally, all this is widely known. Try to eat less in the evening! But if there is a strong wish - that with advantage.

In conclusion it is a little not the highest mathematics: if the person adds every day one in the weight of everything (!) the gram, in 10 years his excess weight will make 3. The 65th kilogram, through 20 - 7. 3 kilograms, through 30 - 11 kilograms and so on. It speaks about what: the most minor changes in self-control of an organism give in the future noticeably unpleasant consequences.

P. S. Several words about fluctuations of weight. Supervision show that within a day weight can fluctuate up or down on one kilogram, within three days - and that it is more. It depends on work of intestines though there is no direct link. If within a week weight does not come back to initial size - toughening of the mode and structure of food is required (certainly if it is about weight reduction).

P. P. S. Paul Bragg in the book About advantage of starvation wrote that one of his patients for a month of starvation gave 20 kilograms of shit!

Eat and grow thin!