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Whether there is a humour in To School of life ?

Oh, yes! After remarkable article of Boris Rokhlenko You touch me zdesya! (How to make pleasant to darling) it decided to be run according to names of the last school lessons. Here what at me turned out, with small comments.

About what lipstick can tell?

- you drink?

In what business mother with the baby can be engaged?

- My God

Whether snow, whether heat or Who protects Jews?

- it is Rather a snow, well or heat...

You are sure that you know all word meanings galaxy ? there is no

- for certain something not really good is in this list, I an interior feel that is.

How to kill with an umbrella?

- the Main formula of success - Force + Sharpness

Who such vyezdyuk and how it to become?

- It is necessary to lie to the wife that you go to business trip, and itself on the left.

How I very quickly cook borsch?

- Well if you it do not understand that I especially. Lousy likely borshchets turns out?.

How to survive at the first year higher education institution?

- Is necessary though - whether once a day is

Will begin to consider the one who watches an anime, the pervert?

- Aha

What is a love opupema?

is a name of a state in which somebody opupet completely

How to catch and eat a snail?

- Uuuu... It you should run about long

How to distinguish Einstein from Sharon Stone?

- Then you will not explain, monthly visit of special courses

is necessary at least As from Siberia to go to London? (Part 2)

- sitting Better, and lying even better ()

Where to put on a knitted bathing suit?

are you from Siberia? It is possible to dress for example it on the beach in London

Who such sibirasta ?

- whether Men in knitted bathing suits on the beach in London

you Love the editor?

- Yes, it it is more than us and more often than

As radio fans to each other visit?

- Float on ultra-short waves

How to learn to think effectively?

- Is precisely effective?

How to grow wiser with little effort?

- Well, it is possible to read for example your article that I actually also made, gyyya...

How to remove a concert or a party that then was not excruciatingly painful?

- is elementary, do not remove for what to you can fill a muzzle

How to keep the relations in marriage, or the Man strikes back

- the Tin, no comments

How to live up to holiday?

- There Continue

in comments?