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What has to be the man?

Each boy who appeared on this light has to pass a way from the helpless kid to the courageous person succeeding at work, loving the husband and the father. Also it is necessary to be able to stick to this way, not to get on roadsides of this road of courage. But to go on it, it is necessary to know in what it consists.

Edwin Luis Cole, the Christian and the preacher, devoted the most part of the life to service to men, he made the purpose to show to men the correct principles by which it is worth living to become the real man. Much of this article is taken from its books Men. Reaching a maximum and Lines of courage and maturity .

Each man has to know that the maturity comes not with age, and with acceptance of responsibility. I.e. men who choose responsibility become mature. And the maturity consists in management to direct, protect and direct. The man has to be that not only by gender, but also the life. The man has to be courageous. And it is not a tautology. Many men are coward and flabby. Courage - what the woman from the man whereas the weak-willed husband - test for the wife and a bad example of children waits for.

Single men have to know that to be a man - does not mean to feel a sexual attraction to women. Such attitude towards the woman is better not for much, than at animals. The man has to find that only which will become his wife. And the wife it has to treat not only as object of sexual desires. The love is first of all care of relatives. It is what has to be on the first place in the relations with the wife. The size of your love is determined by your attention to the wife. As far as you can give yourself to the wife. The young man tests only lust if he satisfies himself sexually, and then dumps the pregnant woman`s girlfriend captured by fear. Agree, these are not signs of courage. The man should not run from problems, and solve them. Courage it is necessary to change, accept need, not to turn away from reality and to make decisions.

If you have a family, then you have to be first of all the husband and the father. You should not endow the family for the sake of career. You love the children and you teach them to the correct acts and truth, but never you are angry and do not show the irritation on children. And you, fathers, do not irritate your children, but bring up them in the doctrine and Lord`s manual . Fathers, do not irritate your children that they did not despond . You Love the wife because she is your half. You are with it a single whole . So husbands have to love the wives as the bodies: loving the wife loves himself . Also you remember: the truth told with love is an only way to show true love. You always have to do so. Be courageous.

Frequent what we call problem is much deeper, than it seems at first sight. Here is how E. L. Cole writes about it: Today we do not speak about sins, we speak about problems. The reason for which problems are more convenient than sins, consists that with problems we should do nothing. If you have only a problem, then with you, for example, can sympathize, you can be understood, can give you professional help. In sins, on the contrary, it is necessary to confess, in them it is necessary to confess and it is necessary to get rid of them. Modern doctrines, originating from the life deprived of God speak to us that at me everything is all right and at you everything is all right instead of telling: all sinned and God`s glories are deprived... . God does not play upon words. He speaks man`s language. The writing builds it at line - the sin is a sin .

The old saying says: It is necessary to be the man to recognize that you are not right . The regret is one of the most great vital teachers. All value also consists in what occurs later. If you never wished to take the responsibility for the sins and to ask forgiveness, you will never be able to learn that it to be a real man. Of course, people are mistaken, but it should not be conscious and deliberate.

Courage is shown when you want to battle, but you evade from it, and battle when would prefer to run away. So, be courageous!