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How properties of soul are reflected in our face?

you, probably, noticed that your person by close examination not symmetric? However, but body.

You think, it is accident? Today scientists consider that thus qualities of our soul on a perishable cover are shown.

And in the people this feature was noticed davny - long ago. God marks the rascal - long since speak about those whose obvious or hidden defects are anyway reflected in appearance. Still popular wisdom claims that from a face of water not to drink but, nevertheless, the person speaks about much

Knows that the right hemisphere is responsible for the left part of our body, and left - for right. Therefore at lefthanders more actively the right hemisphere, and at " works; right-handed persons on the contrary, left. Let`s understand what each of them is responsible for.

Scientists claim that the left hemisphere supervises logic, the analysis, quantitative information processing and elaboration of strategy of behavior. Therefore, people at whom the left hemisphere dominates most often pursue science, administration, business - are engaged in those spheres where it is necessary to make logical decisions.

And the right hemisphere is responsible for intuition, imagination, creativity, complete perception of a situation. Means, to people pravopolusharny creative professions are close. Poets, musicians, actors and artists, first of all, rely on the intuition, feelings and emotions.

But if one of hemispheres dominates it is superfluous, it results in disharmony of the personality. And it is necessary to understand coherence of two beginnings in the person as harmony - intuition and logic or spirit and mind.

But A. N. Anuashvili, nowadays professor, the doctor of technical and psychological science, as a result of researches established that this regularity does not concern to our person. It appears, on the right part of our person the condition of the right hemisphere, and on the left half - left is projected. And as, much of us it is far to personal harmony, our persons are asymmetrical. Scientists tried to make a portrait of the person of two left or two right halves. And here it became clear that thus absolutely different portraits often turn out. In Avtandil Anuashvili`s system the portrait from the right halves of the person is called spiritual and from left - vital .

This system had one wonderful property - simple supervision on the screen of the computer of the portraits made of two identical halves of the person leads to harmonization of the personality! To such unexpected opening the scientists working under the leadership of Avtandil Nikolaevich came. Results, according to their statement, turn out impressive. There were cases of treatment of mental and neurologic diseases, alcoholism etc. of

Correction happens on a basis visually - feedback. In a brain oscillatory processes happen synchronously. It can reconstruct all organism and all life, restore integrity, harmonize the personality - A. N. Anuashvili assures.

On the basis of results of these researches of A. N. Anuashvili developed video method - computer psychodiagnostics and psychocorrection (VKP) on which took out the medical patent. What represents this method?

The method is based on determination of functional asymmetry of two cerebral hemispheres. The image of the person is entered into the computer, the special program builds two portraits of his face halves - spiritual and vital and then compares them. Domination of one of cerebral hemispheres, differences of amplitudes of oscillatory processes in hemispheres is defined. Then the computer issues psychological and professional characteristics, the forecast of behavior in different situations, recommendations about vocational guidance and harmonization of the personality. Reliability of such computer diagnostics is very high.

It is a simple and convenient method, for example, for employment. Any to you psychological tests with a huge number of questions. There are also many areas in which the computer psychodiagnostics and psychocorrection can perfectly work and today already work.

VKP is applied in Public service of the Russian Federation, in the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces, in the Center of perspective medical technologies, and also in the medical centers to objective psychodiagnostics, psychocorrection and family psychotherapy in Russia, in the CIS countries and abroad.

However, today each person having access to the personal computer can enter the image into the computer, and by means of the graphic editor to construct two portraits - left and right . And, as founders of system of psychodiagnostics advise, at least every day for 10 - 15 minutes to watch week on favourite in two options. Thus it is possible to get rid of many problems. Agree, not so it and is difficult.

Try, and suddenly will help? And your life will begin to flow in a new way - harmoniously and easily.