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For what to the employer your autobiography?

- And it it is obligatory to fill? I in the questionnaire answered all questions! I am not a writer or a celebrity some...

The phrase, similar to this, I hear nearly an every day from lips of newly made staff of the company as soon as they receive for filling the form with the eloquent inscription Autobiography .

I am HR manager. From year to year, meeting beginners, every time I notice astonished faces of the majority of them and I hear the same question: for what and who needs this silly piece of paper ?

We will address the dictionary: The Autobiography (from car - and the biography ) is a prosaic genre, the description of the life, is close to memoirs, but is more concentrated on the personality and an inner world of the author .

Let`s remember school days. To the subject Writing of the autobiography the whole lesson was taken away, and still in the modern training program nobody cancelled this subject. Means, for something it is necessary and to learn to make (correctly to make!) this type of the document it is just necessary.

I will try to explain in detail why the state and very many non-state large companies do not refuse such, apparently, outdated form of maintaining personnel documentation as the autobiography.

Really, in Soviet period in many organizations filling of the autobiography was mainly only the formality necessary for a full complete set of a personal record of the employee, or information source about unsuccessful environment, origin and other details.

Today the situation cardinally changed: the autobiography serves absolutely other purposes, it is valuable material for additional studying of the identity of the beginner, his merits and demerits, preferences and antipathies, features of character generally.

Present, you are a beginner, are on a trial period. Information on you is already collected, systematized; this, necessary for this purpose is in the completed questionnaires, personal cards, in copies of your documents. Therefore for the employer important not that you will write to autobiographies, and how you will make it.

One can place work about itself(himself), favourite, on a half of a leaf of a format A - 4, and another will lack also three such pages. Someone will state information well and in logical sequence, and someone will tell about everything and about anything... What is cost only by the made grammatical mistakes which oh as grease perception ground to gloss the developed summaries typed into the computer.

And perhaps, on the contrary, writing of the autobiography will wake yours dozing literary talent, and you you will grow up in the opinion of the employer, having given him thereby a pleasant surprise. Do not doubt, with the best or, God forbid, from the worst aspect, but your creation will be surely noted.

Believe, the autobiography is not so-so the formal reply, this your person before the employer. Psychologists, handwriting experts, employees of security service and other experts will work with it. That is why the main requirements when writing the autobiography - the text has to be hand-written and is stated personally by the applicant in the presence of the representative of department of personnel.

That not to fall face down in " dirt; before future boss at flippant attitude writing of the above-mentioned composition, surely previously think over that and in what form you will write in the masterpiece. Skillfully written autobiography is additional + to all your advantages which, you see, will never prevent.