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How to improve the relations with the husband`s relatives?

Each woman marrying is not ready at all that together with the husband she has a mass of new relatives. And not each woman understands that relatives have huge influence on your spouse. If you come into contact with them, they will make for you a stand. And if you quarrel, they will be able to make your life intolerable.

We will begin with the most important - from the mother-in-law. The best way to gain it - to ask council at the slightest pretext. Nobody suggests you to live her mind, but be reasonable and let it know that you appreciate her opinion. The mother-in-law has to have a feeling - she is still necessary, and now not only to the beloved son, but also his companion. After a while go further - be declared on a visit, just like that, one, and stretch some knickknack (for example, a teapot) and tell approximately so: Such pretty! Saw and solved to you to buy! . Listen to complaints of the mother-in-law, sympathize with her, but at the same time do not forget about compliments, for example such: Though you are also hurt by legs, you look wonderfully .

Never abuse at the husband`s mother-in-law! You remember, to you he is a spouse, and it the beloved sonny whom you took away from it. If the mother-in-law at you begins to abuse your husband, do not support her at all. Actually she does not consider the son bad, and grumbles only for form`s sake. Never discuss with the mother-in-law of the relatives and parents.

It is much simpler to sweetheart the father-in-law. He is usually ready in relation to the daughter-in-law friendly. The first that needs to be made - to ask it for the help (for example if he is a driver, complain to it on badly working six ) . Be attentive when it hits in stories about the work or life and remember details, and at the next meeting ask questions on these subjects - it will be very pleasant to it. Many men like to remember heroic episodes from the life. In the bosom of the family they were listened by hundred times, and hardly your father-in-law opens a mouth, attendees quietly groan: It is not necessary to tell again how you pulled out the child from cuts through / removed a cat from a high tree / rescued the neighbour`s grandmother when they had a fire you are obliged to show genuine interest - do not progadat.

In many families there is a person at whom laugh. Most often it is the grandfather or the grandmother. And so, do not take part in the general entertainments. The grandmother whom ten years did not give a mouth to reveal will be glad to any sign of attention and at each opportunity will say what you kind, sympathetic and in general as was lucky her grandson.

Happens so that the family is divided into the groups waging among themselves irreconcilable war. Do not adjoin one coalition at all. You keep aloof, and your marriage will become much stronger if the spouse understands - the wife not the troublemaker, but the clever woman.

Sincerely I wish to all married readers of my article to remember that a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit and not to do myself problems by the hands!