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For what to us fair of nymphets? The Girl danced

. Well danced, technically. Only one confused. It was boring for the girl. Because the girl understood - all these viewings arranged with adult uncles and aunts - mere formality.

In school of models it will be taken all the same. The family is provided, to eat than pay for training.

For this girl came another. Too it was boring for this. Both the fifth, and the tenth, - all missed.

The school was organized recently and therefore accepted all. Irrespective of appearance, abilities and education. The criterion was one - a possibility of payment for training.

School of models for girls from six to thirteen Daughters of wealthy parents who can provide them the brilliant future. Or not brilliant, but worthy. Everything depends on individual abilities of the child.

It would seem, everything is good. It would seem, and has to be. The child has to be comprehensively developed, educated, brought up. New rich men bring up the new aristocracy. Only One circumstance confuses with

. All girls, irrespective of age, somehow are very busily sexy. I would tell - are aggressively sexual if this definition can be applied to little girls.

Cosmetics on faces, the lacy transparent shorts which are evident nearly at each movement of the child and bras - zavlekalochka on the place where the breast promises to be formed. There are also more frank dresses.

Not a casting - an exhibition of nymphets. Such fresh, well-groomed nimfetochek. And, it is necessary to admit that eyes at many men, attendees at this to the " exhibition; get very unambiguous pensive expression.

I am not a hypocrite. In our seaside city in the summer nobody is shocked by seminude female bodies. Very attractive suntanned bodies. Female.

And here - yet not women. Here those whom much earlier the appointed term, busily do adult. Also own parents, the life which learned, defined and wishing the children all good luck do.

No, they do not sell the children. Openly do not sell. They give them in a trade dress. They provide to children the future by means of it here promising image.

And subconsciously each of girls is already ready to adoption of the status of the adult woman already now, in seven, nine, twelve years. Because it - yet not it. She is it a father and mother. The loving mother and the father who are so furiously condemning prostitution, so contemptuously belonging to those who are forced by it to be engaged to earn a living.

And it is so persistent even if without realizing, pushing own child on the way of the same prostitution. Not so frank as that that it is designated by red lamps, but the essence from it does not change.

All right, had no funds for life. But here - that, here?! Training at school costs much, therefore, girls do not starve! In what business?!

At school where my son studied, the third-grader was gone once. Was gone on change, among many people. Two days looked for the child.

I will not be distracted by the description of experiences about it, the speech not about that. The girl was found. More precisely, it was. In two days came home, it is whole, and, strangely enough, it is safe. That is, it is safe completely.

On questions where vanished, answered unambiguously - walked, got lost. At gone on a spree money was found. In dollars. The sum is decent. Money it found in the course of walk. Lay, ownerless, on the sidewalk.

Through time it became clear that for the girl periodically there comes expensive car. And she willingly jumps in this car and leaves in the unknown direction.

Understood this situation long. Of course, noise was made, of course, brought criminal case, of course, broke hands of the teacher and parents gasped, accusing this libertine from the car in brutality.

And only the girl continued to go unperturbably to school, on changes by a shepotok describing schoolmates juicy details of the meetings with libertine . Libertine deserves condemnation, indignation, punishment, at last. But it is a separate subject.

Difficult, it is almost impossible to stop process of the spiritual degradation happening in the girl. Process, the foundation to which parents laid.

The child went to study in a dress, more suitable for discos. The child used expensive cosmetics, the child The child was not a child any more. Otherwise how to explain so cool relation of the girl to what with her is done by such here villains?

It is possible to accuse, of course, and school. These are that where looked?! But it is no secret, what the school now, by and large, does not watch anywhere! And if looks, then by!

Other example, much more terrible. One of mothers at this school the daughter who hardly reached sixteen years openly sold. Sold to all who have enough currency in a purse that her are a daughter, that is, - to buy.

And at the same time was guided by the principle: All pass through it, so what difference when? And the girl obediently went with one of buyers, earning by herself on the next smart belonging. And nobody especially was indignant, nobody fell in faints and sounded alarm.

Kept silent, proceeding from reasons: It`s not my business! and Everyone gets out as can!

Once, far back in the past century for the raped daughter parents could kill responsible for violence. And now coolly take money, repeating: All pass through it!

Pass, of course. But why so - that?!

Who gives a guarantee that among the men who are present at a casting there will be no Nabokov`s G. G. having enough cash to choose to itself from candidates Lolita? Anybody. Perhaps, parents of these girls do not suspect about such G. G.` existence? Suspect, competent! And, nevertheless, do everything possible that it was, creating next, provocatively sexual, a nimfetochka!

I repeat - I am not a hypocrite. I do not love the word good conduct . Also I do not stand up for creation of finishing schools. But what creates our society with our children goes beyond all limits. The most shocking that the parents adoring the child so willingly promote it.

Children have to be children. To play about, read fairy tales, to tear clothes, to be soiled, capricious and so forth and so forth. Let they will pass all stages of the development put by it the nature. Let girls carry magnificent bows, but not glamourous komplektik consisting of the pseudo-brassieres and shorts which are seductively fitting round yagodichka!

Because bows - a symbol of the serene childhood, and shorts - a symbol of a premature growing which, as we know, is wrapped in the drama. by

Let`s make life of our children serene and solar! For what to us a fair of nymphets?