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Why my child does not want to eat?

Most of parents face a problem - when the child refuses food. The child - the growing organism for which construction material is necessary and if he does not eat then it is the cause for panic. Especially mothers worry about it. They add sugar to food, or say that it will receive candies only after food. Ask to eat a spoon for mother and for the grandmother, holding authority (the and grandmothers) and attachment of the child. Sometimes drops drip and give stimulants an organism like a show off that the child was vigorous. And some force the child violently.

To deal with this problem, for a start it is necessary to understand - the organism of the child works much more adequately than the adult`s organism. The main reason for its refusal of food is a shortage of energy on digestion of food. And it means that forces of a young organism are spent for what that another - more important, than food. And until this cause is removed, appetite will not come.

To try to force your child to eat is a pure mockery at its organism. Believe - exhaustion at it will not come. If there comes such moment, it will just demand food. And before the child will instinctively use the mechanism of conscious starvation for accumulation of energy and its use in other purposes. The best means is to find the reason of its starvation. And the reasons happen different.

It can be an illness . It is not surprising that for fight against diseases the organism involves all forces that quicker to finish it. In such cases you should not feed the child if he does not want. Especially with gastro - diseases. Then even the ground and gentle food harms recovery.

Also as the reason of hunger restoration of balance can serve in a metabolism. the Organism consumes substances and allocates. It becomes by means of blood. Blood can transfer limited

amount of substances. Therefore when we consume substances, we cannot allocate. When in an organism disintegration products, slags, toxins, etc. an organism to allocate them collect, involves the mechanism of clarification and appetite vanishes. Children feel it, and here at adults this feeling is often muffled.

One more reason is a psychological discomfort when the attention of the child is directed to some internal problem. Then it is necessary to help the child to deal with this problem what it would not remain with him in the head excess freight on life. You know - problems have properties to collect sometimes more than to decide. And psychological health is more important physical.

The third reason is the wrong food demanding big costs of its processing and bringing not enough benefit. In more detail I wrote about it in the article As is a little and to be full .

It is proved that without consequences children can starve several days though before almost never reaches. Proceeding from told - do not try to feed children when they do not want, just you feed them when they have an appetite, appetite - the main condition of healthy nutrition. You feed them with the correct and healthy food. Then they will grow, and will not be ill. Zdorovyavam and to your kids!!!