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Who wrote well-known Hand bells - Jingle Bells ?

on September 16, 1857, exactly 150 years ago, in the city of Boston copyright of the song " was acquired; One - horse Open Sleigh (a literal translation - One-horse open " sledge; which is sung more than one and a half centuries not only by all Christmas America, but also, perhaps, the whole world. It enjoys a certain popularity and in Russia, but at us it is known more under the name Jingle Bells . Since the second half of December, this song unostentatiously sounds also from New Year`s musical cards, and practically on all our radio stations and television.

Moreover, Jingle Bells was the first song which sounded from space - astronauts Tom Stafford and Walley Shirra sent on December 16, 1965 the report to Earth: We see the object similar to the satellite. It moves from the North on the South probably on a polar orbit I see the main module and eight modules less ahead. The pilot of the main module is dressed in a red suit . After that astronauts got secretly the carried by harmonicas and jingles and executed Jingle Bells . The Christmas joke was successful.

But there is such concept as difficulties of the translation. I do not know from whose easy hands, but a name of the author of a song - James it was translated as Jane and now on many websites the version that the song was patented by Jane Pierpont wanders. Strange, but it is more of anything you about the author Hand bells also you will not find. The only mention wandering from one website on another says: This Christmas song was written for representation in sunday school and nowadays any Christmas holiday " does not do without it;.

It seemed to me it is strange. That - that, and the USA mold heroes literally from anything. And here a national hit, and about the author gu - gu. As it was later, Jane in the nature did not exist therefore and there is nothing to tell about it. But about James Pyerponta (here one more option of a surname) a story can be told.

He was born in 1822 in a family of the pastor of one of numerous American branches from church. Very much early married, and approximately by 30 years was a father of a poludyuzhina (on some sources of seven) wonderful heterosexual children. By the way, James`s spouse, Elisa Purs, was a woman very educated, her father, the mayor of the town Savannah, did not feel sorry for funds for education of the daughter. So James and Elisa paid to the offsprings a lot of attention, trying that the growing-up change developed harmoniously.

The family was musical, James early began to write songs. However, the town of Medford, State of Massachusetts where he was born, was such small that madam Uoterman who owned boarding house had a piano only in one house. Also there was it, according to historians, approximately in 6 years before the song gained official recognition - in December, 1851. James lost to madam Uoterman a song in which it is told about what adventures wait the guy and the girl if to them takes in head to harness a horse in a sled and to drive. The owner of boarding house silently listened to a song, and then muttered something: And hunting, to you, Mr. Pyerpont to connect the name with sledge, it will be much better to sound, for example, Jingle Bells . Under this name a song and the beginnings the procession at first across America, and then jumped across the ocean at all.

Six years later Pyerponta prompted that it would be quite good to acquire copyright of a song because from it it is possible safely to cut coupons . By then James together with the spouse moved on her homeland, to the Savanna. Therefore all rights for a song were issued in Boston. And absolutely, as at us (you remember a song with the words Whose are more elegant avenues, whose houses? Vologda argues and Kostroma " argues;) in the States disputes, what city still do not cease to consider homeland Jingle Bells ? Medford or Savannah?

Though if to give preference to Savannah, then turns out that the song was protected by copyright in a year of writing.

And here concerning why the residence was necessary to change Pyerponta, practically nobody argues. In soul he was a nomad, and it is a little adventurer. As whom James only did not work: the photographer, the organist and the musical director of church, gave lessons of singing and game on body, wrote songs. And it not everyone, than Pyerpont was engaged for all the stormy life. At the same time it had, to put it mildly, a tarnished reputation. From here and little frivolous contents Hand bells in which it is said that if the guy and the girl fell in a snowdrift, the young man does not need to waste time and to be more active in the courtings .

These lines also cast doubts that the song was written for sunday school, the USA and in those days was very Puritan country and appeals and - la Fomenko Young men and girls! Seize with each other " more safely; there do not pass.

But anyway, and the song still excites hearts of people. Especially after exactly 50 years ago, to 100 - to the anniversary of a song, it was included in the repertoire by great Frank Sinatra.

For those who wish to know about what he is sung in a song, give one of its literal translations into Russian. Only do not forget about difficulties of the translation, perhaps, in someone`s interpretation it will sound a little differently. But, as they say, you a welcome to all we have. So, Jingle Bells .


ring Making the way through snow, in open one-horse sledge,

We went on fields, laughing all road.

the bells Suspended to a tail ringed, creating cheerful mood.

As is amusing to go and sing the song in sledge tonight.


Ring bells, bells ring, ring all road!

As is amusing to go by one-horse open sledge.

Ring bells, bells ring, ring all road!

As is amusing to go by one-horse open sledge. Put

or two back I conceived to undertake a trip

I Ms. Fanny Brayt (unmarried amusing cheerful girl) sat down near me soon;

the Horse was lean and high, failure seemed his fate.

brought it in a list, and we overturned. Put

(Chorus) of

or two back, has to tell you,

Ya went on snow and fell on a back; a Certain gentleman passed

in one-horse open sledge nearby,

It laughed as I, having stretched, lay, but quickly left away.

(Chorus) of

lies snow So far while you are young, Take

girls in the evening, sing this song in sledge; Only take

swift-footed bay with bells,

Put it to open sledge and arrange capsizing, then take the initiative.

It is necessary to add that James Pyerpont lived long life. He died in seven years before a new century, in 1893.