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How is a little and to be full?

Many of us know that such unsatiable desire is. When in half an hour after food getting again hungry. Especially it is strong when not what to do or at a nervous tension, and pulls to the refrigerator. One my acquaintance from - for it during week-end is afraid to stay at home. Let`s consider the reasons of this phenomenon and we will try to understand the mechanism of their action.

It is clear, that not all food is acquired. In the simplified option - after hit in a stomach under the influence of substances of gastric juice it is split on compound proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, salts, vitamins etc. Only then they are acquired. Therefore from that, how well there will take place process of splitting also the quantity of the acquired food depends.

It is known that on each of these components of our food the composition of gastric juice is necessary. For example: on proteins gastric juice with more acidic environment and special enzymes is necessary, on carbohydrates more alkaline juice and saliva with the increased maintenance of a ptialin is necessary. If to eat at the same time meat (protein) and bread (carbohydrate) that the juice emitted for them neutralizes each other and process of digestion considerably will worsen and consequently the amount of the acquired proteins and carbohydrates will decrease though the amount of fats will be acquired normally as for splitting of fats this Wednesday more normal.

From - for a lack of the acquired substances hunger does not leave anywhere, from only calms down until when in a stomach room is made for receipt of new food. The daily food of people, such natural as sandwiches would seem, it is so harmful to the use.

To stimulate bodies of secretion on release of richer gastric juice - many try to make food salty, sharp, sweet, sour, add many seasonings and additives, combine it in various combinations. It is besides not correct as only loads a gastrointestinal tract.

The main condition of good food is an appetite when speak - now would eat a horse it means that your organism is ready to assimilation of food. Also good mood and slackness promotes the correct work of digestive organs.


1.) It is necessary to consider separate food, there is a meat separately and not to use carbohydrates so far it will not be digested and vice versa. Main wrong combinations: proteins + carbohydrates, protein + other protein, protein + fat, protein + sour fruit.

2.) Also you should not eat hastily, reading newspapers, discussing something. After heavy loadings, so far blood supplies other bodies.

3.) To wait for normal appetite but not to confuse to it other desires at inaction for example when such feeling - I want that that - I do not know what . Also you should not confuse to sugar hunger because of which many eat too much rolls and sweets. Eat, for example chocolate and hunger will leave (though sugar is a subject for separate article).

I wish YOU excellent appetite and great mood)))