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About what it is written Hunting for the Snark ?

For the Snark was a Boojum, you see... - Because the Snark was Budzhum, understand... . creation of the third masterpiece of Carroll - the poem " began with this mysterious phrase; Hunting for the Snark . In the best traditions of a nonsense the poem was written since the end - the first thought-up line became final subsequently.

Hunting for the Snark still vegetates in a popularity shadow Alis though does not concede to them neither in elegance, nor in absurdity. Perhaps, in absurdity even surpasses because in the poem there is no cozy sane character, similar to the judicious Victorian girl. Even work not is divided into normal sections, and on fits (from outdate fitt - part of the song and fit - spasms ) . As soon as do not translate this word at us - and cries and ecstasies and attacks ...

Great " wrote the third; nonsense Carroll in 1876, and quite frankly presented this madly - the written book as the nursery! Moreover also presented it as Easter (!) a congratulation to all children loving Alice . However, speak, before release the poem was read by the authoritative cardinal and did not find in it anything blasphemous. But many decades later the famous commentator of Carroll M. Gardner will write: Though Lewis Carroll also believed that Hunting for the Snark - the children`s ballad - a nonsense, it is difficult to present - more precisely, it is impossible to present without shudder - the modern child it it would be pleasant to whom. Perhaps, the Victorian children found it amusing... but, we suspect, even then there were a few such readers .

A here that Carroll wrote to one girl: When you read Snark I hope, you will write to me as whether it was pleasant to you and everything was clear. Some children did not understand it . Still!

In view of full otvyaznost poems its plot can be transferred only briefly and it will clear nothing.

So, Bellman (in different translations - the Chairman, Blagozvon, Balabon, Billey - Bell) gathers a team of the most various picturesque characters who are united only that their names begin on the letter B (The ticket collector, Bolvanshchik, the Pack rat, the Billiard-player, the Former judge, the Banker, the Poacher, the Baker and Bo6er), and all of them are eager passionate to catch (why - a question for hunters incorrect) a mysterious Snark.

- Both it is tearful, and is coward, and is not really clever, -

Interpreted about it Billey - Bell, -

But in hunting for the Snark is strong, a dog he ate

In a snarkolovstvo .

(L. Yakhnin Lane)

That the Snark is, the team represents very vaguely. However, are known to the captain the whole five signs of an exotic being:

Let`s go one after another: on taste it crackles, with

But dimly and somehow breakthroughs,

As a close jacket it awakes appetite,

But gives svetlyakam.

He gets up late because there is no time -

it is so overloaded with Affairs,

That eats a yesterday`s lunch in the morning,

A eats a breakfast for dinner.

Risk, tell at it a pun, you Will understand

- to it not to jokes.

It from puns is scattered and gloomy,

From jokes is violently terrible.

He is a terrible envious person and besides

there are two kinds of Zmer -

It bites if it has wool,

I is scratched if feathers .

Holding (V. Orl Lane) so doubtful identikit and also remarkable empty " card; without hint on the boring land the mad team, nevertheless, somehow reaches the necessary island and is started up on searches of the Snark. However they are disturbed that on the same island it is possible to meet Budzhum - whether the antagonist, whether analog of the Snark - and at a meeting with it to get in ANYWHERE and an abyss without trace what as a result also happens to the most desperate hero .

All this phantasmagoria is written in so juicy, easy and free language that when reading and not too - that you seek to find some sense. Unlike Alis Hunting for the Snark it is almost deprived of neologisms if not to take in the account the name Snark (synthesis of the words snake - snake and shark - shark ) which V. Orel witty translated as Zmer .

Despite nonsense most pure test there were such researchers who during lifetime of Carroll suspected of his innocent joke dirty trick also began to look for the hidden sense strenuously. At first saw in the poem the parody to the passions storming then apropos Who will quicker discover the North Pole then - the parody to Hegel`s philosophy (!) . And in 1940 - e years in the poem saw a gloomy presage of nuclear threat. Like, the Snark is a scientific progress, and an atomic bomb (Budzhum) - into what this progress turns. And M. Gardner mentioned above in general beheld in a plot of hunting for the Snark - Budzhuma existential aspiration to a non-existence .

Carroll at first tried to calm down unhealthy passion to treatments and spoke: In what sense Snark ? I am afraid, I needed not sense, but nonsense! How it is possible to explain what you do not understand? . From all treatments of the author comparison of hunting for the Snark with search of happiness most of all arranged, though here he ironically dropped: It seems to me, this fine explanation, it will especially well be coordinated with passion of the Snark to bathing cabins . Eventually the great joker of the 19th century waved away from foolish treatments the phrase: Whatever sense was found in this book, I welcome it - in it its appointment! In a word - treat

- treat and you do not peretraktut, you do not vytraktut.

... Look for in thimbles - and sensible minds,

Chase with hope and a fork; you Threaten

with packages of securities,

I soap attracting, and a grin...

(M. Pukhova Lane)

Because the Snark was Budzhum, understand?

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