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What is merchandising?

Development of market economy, as well as in general any development, are multidimensional. Also it is provided, mainly, with advance of the orders which are the cornerstone given socially - economic system.

And orders in modern, mainly capitalist world best of all describe the guidelines of the free market (they - object of aspiration of the individuals involved in the economic relations and the companies taken separately or in their sets).

It is the perfect competition, free pricing, spontaneity of the market, independence in adoption of economic decisions, presence of the state as certain subject whose functions are reduced to prevention of so-called fiascoes of the market.

The competition close (is more true - aspiring, though not always and not everywhere equally) to perfect, can be considered as a cornerstone of economic systems of market type. On the one hand, she acts as the tireless engine of economy towards full satisfaction of demand with the offer corresponding to it, to improvement of level and quality of life, effective distribution of resources between the economic entities involved in process of creation of distribution, redistribution and consumption of the created benefits. On the other hand, for each of competitors in a certain branch rivalry existence adds a headache rather, than joyful emotions from feeling that on this segment of the market you are not one. But as a result benefit everything that else approved in the second half of the 18th century in the legendary work " from it; Wealth of the people great economist Adam Smith.

To survive in fight for a share of the market (consumers, arrived), not always reasonably to rely on standard receptions and the predictable courses. If it is about ambitious plans to strengthen own positions and to achieve increase in the share of economic pie appropriated by this producer (seller), then here at all never you should undertake to become the successful designer, using standard curves. Innovative approach, persistent searches something new, unexpected, original is required. It opens the field for activity of marketing specialists as whom ensuring steady sales of products, search of potential consumer audience (clients) and work on identification and the subsequent satisfaction of her requirements enters.

Marketing, in turn, operates with a set of tools and concepts, at the present stage being actually independent science. In this area scientific researches are constantly conducted, therefore, to emergence all of new and new terms (mainly English-speaking) it is necessary to get used and be just ready to their entry into our business - a lexicon.

One of rather recently appeared such terms is merchandising . The problem of merchandising in general organically joins work on achievement of those purposes which are set by any marketing specialist. This task can be formulated as representation of goods to eyes of buyers in that place in an outlet which will provide the greatest probability of its sale. The merchandiser is come into the view by a set of aspects, somehow: target audience, product type, price category, registration of packing and many other things.

The main components of merchandising are: packing, placement of goods, use of an advertizing component of advance of goods in the consumer`s basket, price policy. In the set all these aspects are directed to one: to sell goods. You noticed, for example, that in shops with different self-service confectionery production (including chocolate) gives all the best on lower floors where the small child, having stretched the handle, without effort can get it? Near cash desk where buyers wait for the turn to pay for the acquired products which are laid out small by the sizes and, respectively, not such expensive bags of various contents in absolute monetary calculation and other similar to them a trifle which thereby carries out function of drawing attention of the buyer even if it everything that wanted, already found; often such production as if itself climbs in a basket. In both cases work of the specialist in merchandising is available (if, of course, the goods finally are successfully realized in large volumes, than at non-use of marketing tricks).

The mechanism of action of merchandising is not difficult and is in creating such environment for the buyer which, influencing in a required way his behavior, induces in it motive to purchase. In a forehead it is possible to allocate two directions, depending on entry conditions and prospects of commission of purchase by the person passing by shop here: one business if it is required to induce the buyer who came to shop to buy what he feels need for, and absolutely another if there is a task to stimulate to the act of purchase of those people who initially in purchase process - sales did not intend to be involved. Psychological tools of impact on the consumer in each of two these situations the.

Merchandisers can influence various strings of soul: to bring the associations which are stored in human memory to life (reminiscence of that, as was " earlier; serves in that case as incentive motive to action); to cause the necessary reaction through awakening of surprise and interest; to produce emergence of desire to resemble any other person (for example, show stars - business); to cause positive emotions from a touch to goods etc. of

Apparently, the merchandiser has to understand first of all features of human psychology and have knowledge in the field of marketing which guarantees it successful advance of goods in a consumer basket and then - already through ubiquitous cash desk.

The objectives of merchandising will be achieved