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What danger is concealed in itself by a tsunami?

For certain to you were necessary to hear this word obviously not of the Russian origin - a tsunami. It is the Japanese: tsu means harbor us - respectively, wave .

It is just one of those cases when just right to remember power and greatness of our mother - the nature and at the same time to stiffen in catalepsy before this power. And from understanding of the last to be terrified to existence of forces near which human life - all the same that a straw near the whole stack.

Danger which is born by a tsunami wave has several aspects.

In - the first, it is that destructive force which to experience on itself God forbid to nobody. In - the second, the notification about its emergence, and the main thing - about the direction of the movement, very difficult. In - the third, it is almost impossible to find a moving water block in the open ocean: from the helicopter it is not possible to notice such movement, and vessels cannot help to reveal danger, deadly to sushi, since this danger is not in the high sea simply. The matter is that among thousands and millions of others, peace does not designate waves of a tsunami of in any way. Feature of this type of waves is that the tsunami catches all thickness of water, but not its some part close to a surface as it occurs in other cases.

The most interesting - often from the place of tsunami formation to point of the most considerable destructions and the mass human victims thousands of kilometers lie. It turns out, the wave passes such distance in the water environment, not really - that, as we know, loyal to the foreign objects getting to this environment in respect of resistance to their movement. At the same time the wave keeps a huge stock of energy which falls upon the coast, unprotected from a brunt of the disaster, subsequently.

What generates a tsunami? Many mistakenly believe that sources of huge waves - murderers - it is exclusive in the phenomena of the seismic nature. However not only seismic activity is involved in this phenomenon. A volcanic eruption at an ocean floor, a landslide (as a starting point having both a terrestrial surface, and any point below sea-level) - too potential factors of danger to inhabitants of sea coasts around the world. Anyway, regardless of what specifically we are obliged to the birth new by a tsunami, the mechanism thanks to which this birth takes place it is identical in all similar cases. Shift from the initial provision of the lower layers of water thickness causes fluctuations which set all thickness of water in motion with giant quantity preserved in it till a time about energy time.

The tsunami cannot be put in one row as regards an origin with inflow and otliva at all. As we know, both inflow, and otliva result from joint activity of Earth, the Moon and the Sun, the system of forces of an attraction between which causes the corresponding movements of water masses on our planet. Tsunami are obliged to either the Moon, or the Sun by nothing, and therefore show to the world a fruit absolutely other, Solar system of force, other than a relative positioning of objects.

Speed with which the wave moves in certain cases reaches the size of 950 km/h. However, in each case it is easy to calculate speed. For approximate determination of this size it is enough to take a square root from work of size of acceleration of terrestrial gravitation (it is approximate 9,8) on depth (in meters) in that place from where the tsunami begins the way to it to one known destination.

Approaching the sea coast where depth becomes less and less, the wave begins to brake as its free movement provided before those that it moved only in the native environment becomes more difficult. Wave height, all more surpassing depth in coastal part of the ocean, as if pushes out it, forces of inertia advance it. And then the terrifying show appears at eyes being on the bank of people: the water wall rising from the sea abyss rushing with a huge speed. The tsunami brakes, but does not manage to make it to the coast, and therefore all the enormous weight all that falls upon the beach, structures also (and all that) that appears on its way in this place to it it is a high time. If the wave reaches high-rise constructions (for example, multi-storey buildings), then they scatter in chips.

The greatest danger is constituted in such cases of the place in which the seabed rises to a terrestrial surface smoothly, with gradually decreasing depth. In this case losses of power of a wave of a tsunami at a final stage of its travel are minimum with all the following consequences from here.

Despite complexity of the organization of the timely notification about tsunami approach, there are services to which duties work on the organization of forecasts in this area belongs. In the Pacific Ocean the System of the prevention of a tsunami which part 26 states of the basin of the Pacific Ocean are is engaged in it. The center of this organization is in the capital of the Hawaiian Islands - Honolulu.

It is informed - means, it is armed. But alas, not in this case. It is armed always only with a tsunami